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Relentless Pressure from Below Drives Climate Action - Ta'Kaiya Blaney & Naomi Klein – 12 min video

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Ta'Kaiya Blaney and Naomi Klein have sent out an inspiring message about the growing power of the climate justice movement, and the need to ramp up action. Speaking and performing before an estimated 1,500 people at a Vancouver rally, both expressed determination to build a movement powerful enough to push back the fossil fuel industry and create a more just society.

Klein said “We know that this new government is being bombarded by pressure from above, pressure from pipeline companies — which they’re way too close to — pressure from Bay Street, pressure from the oilpatch. These people want them to do nothing more than put a kinder, gentler face on Harper’s disastrous policies . . .What this government needs is powerful and relentless pressure from below.”

The Nov. 4 rally was organized by CUPE to focus attention on The Leap Manifesto, a climate justice document already signed by many unions and other organizations as well as tens of thousands of individuals. It took place on the same day Climate Welcome started in Ottawa to pressure the new federal government to freeze oil sands expansion.

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