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Shiv Chopra Interview Part-2_ TPP-The Real Partners & Where Does the Money Go

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Common Ground Magazine publisher Joseph Roberts interview (part-2 of 3) with Dr. Shiv Chopra.     Former Health Canada senior scientist  B.V. Sc. & A.H., M.Sc., Ph.D. / now a Health Canada whistle blower, declares that  fundamental change of honesty is needed in today's Government systems.
Partners in this TPP are mostly Banks / Lawyers  and some government officials. Agreements have already been made in total secrecy & the TPP is being pushed through parliament with no discussion while even many elected officials do not know what it is really all about..
  @ 07:46  Dr. Chopra suggest solutions can begin with the education system from an early age.
@ 09:41  Making money by allowing food to become toxic / making money from creating diseases. The five toxins which are in our food supply creating diseases, are actually a money maker creating profits from these diseases which should not be occurring in the first place.  
   @ 10:52  You can't go anywhere these days without paying now for services we used to receive for free, mostly already paid for in taxes.  
Where does our money actually go. So as we  all should know by now from personal experiences on a variety of topics, peoples voices are not being listened to. All too often the truth is not being spoken, the public is not being informed on what is taking place right in front of their eyes which may benefit only the very rich and powerful.  
  ** The truth should be self evident:  We all should know things can no longer be allowed to continue on this path of certain self destruction / seeking riches as the entire planet and peoples heath pay the price..
   Thank you for watching and being concerned about the direction corporate controlled governments are leading  the world population.  **Please also watch interview part-1    & Interview part-3
  **Complete playlist of all of DR. Chopra's video coverage by KES Media available here,
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