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Shiv Chopra Interview Part-3_ Food Sovereignty-You Can't Eat Money

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Is generation of Income a greater social importance that the quality and safety of the food we eat ?

Common Ground Magazine publisher Joseph Roberts interview (part-3 of 3)) with Dr. Shiv Chopra.  Former Health Canada senior scientist  B.V. Sc. & A.H., M.Sc., Ph.D. & now a Health Canada whistle blower, presents an overview of the negative impacts of the TPP trade deal & criticizes Illegal actions taking place in the hands of our government which negatively impact consumers and the health of the general public at large.

Trade deals of which the TPP is just the latest Evil where money is placed before practically anything leading societies in the wrong direction resulting in loss of freedoms for the general public.  

Thank you for watching and being concerned about the direction corporate controlled governments are leading  the world population.  Please watch interview part-1     & Part-2   

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