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The Slave never gets freedom by asking nicely

See video

raw footage downloaded from a life streaming provider, please excuse the quality, it's also at times upside down, it was already late...


March 17th. 2012

about just after midnight.

Another attack of a man who decides to life by the rule of law.

Coquitlam, occupied native land.

Gang member tomas roberts was filmed being the first one to illegally enter Rory from the house of Hawes property for a planned attack, for which he gave the sign. Initially the 4 man stood together on Rory's property line, because tomas was getting their trust by pretending to follow the law. he is part of a gang that pretends to protects everyone from getting harm done to. This is one of many pieces of evidence against this gang.

With the words: "It's not working, we will go the other route." into his radio the situation turned. When asked as to why he just said this, he only replied that his radio wasn't turned on. Which was clearly one of many lies he and his co-servants produced.

Why do they enact such a big show, committing series of crimes to get to a man who greets them friendly on the door and and only runs away when attacked? Why do they pretend to follow the law, and once this didn't turn out to get them to beat Rory up, they had already planned out to attack and he only needed to give the rest of the gang the sign.

It was a clear breach of the trust. A servant broke his oath to the Sovereign that he swore allegiance to, to uphold the law. The gang switched over to collective crime mode.

Seconds later the chase was on, the friends were fleeing the attack to the back of Rorys house. None of them was expecting the situation to turn from a talk to an attack.

Two of his friend were assaulted and kidnapped in an ongoing attempt to attack Rory for him wanting to be responsible for himself, as a man on earth. All recording devices were stolen by the police, however, one of them was streaming live to the internet. The police failed for weeks to produce a warrant, however they promised in many recorded conversations to get one the same day or the next. Check out rory's other videos for more insight how much the cop's know about the law, and how much they care about the little they seem to understand of it.

Rory rescued himself to the roof of his house, his friends were assaulted from more gang members arriving on scene. One whos last name is Danik Nolet, attacked one of the friends. The way stronger bold thug pinned the man on the railing while twisting his arm, yelling at him that if he would touch him he would accuse him of assault. Danik showed a great detail of aggression, when he forced the man backwards, yelling at him from a distance that only lovers get to each other in normal life. Since the man was already pinned seconds later he was jumped by additional gang members, assaulted and eventually kidnapped. Another man who introduced himself as "from the house of police", seemingly asian decent. When asked if this is really true, as it would be breach of his job contract to give out a false name. He also stated later that he studied the law. He declared Rory's house, when told that he was trespassing, not to be privat anymore, but public property. When advised about his lies, he went shortly after on to declare that the property would belong to the magistrate. However he could not tell which, nor did he seem to understand that by this point he would have failed the admission test to an online law school. He identied himself also as an member of an armed gang by refusing to help in the crime in progress when he witnessed Danik Nolet assaulting the man and accusing him of crime that didn't happen.

at this point the friends still believed that there must have been one law abiding police officer on scene. don't get fooled by all the red and blue light's in the video. There might be "good cops" around, if one believes in man being good by nature, but you won't find any in this video.

at 10.46 on the video, one can clearly hear that part of the conspiracy was to arrest everybody. As you can hear after the first man is unable to resist the many man that dragged him against his will into one of the gangs cars: "this is number 2, that we eventually have to get." afterwards gang members pretended to give him a chance to not get kidnapped. In their report it said afterwards that he tripped over the attack dog, and had to get put under arrest for his own protection, because their dog became irritated. excuse my bias, but wouldn't any normal thinking man put instead his crazy dog back in the car were he took the dog out from? What would you anyways want with a dog when interacting with 3 friends with cameras. and you outnumber them already 1:5.

around 14.00 in the video he was asked if he wants to leave and seconds later he gets arrested.

Around this point in time the trustee of the servants master, another servant, ray monsef arrived on scene. His arrival might have calmed the sitation at the house a bit, back the gangs headquarter he refused to help when multiple times advised that his subordinates are commiting crimes. He gave both man the choice to voluntary come. One man would not give them the pleasure to fight, one would object all the way. before the objecting one was dragged out of the car, gang member Danik Nolet had to hide out in the corner of the Parkade as confirmed by Ray Monsef and Danik himself. He confirmed that he was afraid of the man that he minutes before almost pushed over the railing, who in turn couldn't have even lifted the guy. weightwise as well as he was handcuffed and Danik was by then with at least 5 more gang members in the parkade, that shortly after dragged the resisting man into the station. while held down by hand and feet on the bench ray just a meter to the right. the man got his point multiple times across that ray's subordinate danik was committing crimes on the job. falsely accusing somebody of a crime is a crime, not to mention the pain that was inflicted, to a non violent man, who didn't resist until he got the first bruise. Now, minutes after simulating fear of the cuffed man, he stood directly infront in the space that ray left him, and guys that were standing on the mans feet. the man freed himself one more time to stand face to face with the criminal that caused that harm to him. He intended to establish a court of record, he came as far as stating his claim. than Ray ordered his thugs to assault him again. the man wondered how one can get end up bruised on your friend property and for that beaten up all Night? The man stated his point, that he would not consent, that he was kidnapped and that he would not do anything voluntary until he is free to go. The police was making up stories to get to Rory.

The man experienced an painful and humiliating night. No water or toilet paper until 4pm the next day. Every so often a group of them came by to amused themselfs or record videos with there camera phones. Gang member Wong shut the door immediately when identified, the one with the "Kumar" on the name tag came multiple times with his friends and phones. 

Danik Nolet was the first one to refuse a blanket to the man, when he finally identified the man that also broke his glasses. Other excuses were that they wouldn't have blankets, that free man don't get any and, the best one, that the first one was used to create a flooding. which they stated they had on video. An blond older woman in some sort of a uniform, stated she was no police officer, wanted the man to earn his blanket. The man stated that he was kidnapped, all wheather protection taking away illegally, and he won't earn himself a blanket like an animal in a cage. Over the course of the kidnapping many gang members made racist remarks, that when made aware of often corrected themselfs. One of the frequent screams was for a blanket, water, and a lawyer. blanket came way after 8, water and toilet paper after the "bail hearing" 4ish pm. 

Tomas Roberts was also one of the thugs that stopped by on the cell window to promise that he will do everything he can to keep the man all weekend in jail.

The man found out in the bail hearing, that he was now to stay in jail, because some criminals smashed rorys windows, and one of them hurt himself. The man stated to the "justice of the peace" that there was no harm done other then by the crime gang, and that he wants the accusations in writing from Danik Nolet, because it's a lie. The man had to object many times to lies about the 3 friends that the gang member that answered when called for the "crown" read and told. When explained that he had a choice, the identification as part of the conditions or jail till monday, the man corrected him that this was plain criminal on it's own, having a cop make up a crime under witnesses and in order to just get out of the kidnapping the man was supposed to do something else for the kidnapper. The justice was advised that the man would take the blackmail, because it was the only way for him to get out. One of a whole list of conditions that was denied was no contact to the whole rcmp gang, which after a brief celebration was reduced to only Danik Nolet and Tomas Roberts. The man who has no particular interest in weapons, is not allowed now to carry guns, while criminal Danik Nolet and Tomas Roberts among many others are supposed to ... what ? protect us ? 

We need stronger communities, we need people to stand together, in solidarity against anything that's "just not right". Police oppression is the reason why capitalism still works...

Rory still didn't see any warrant, because the alleged crimes didn't happen. he is supposed to get arrested for obstruction, accused of making gang members smash his car window. the official report said that he drove away and than they smashed it, the physical car says you can't smash the side and the front window if the guy was already driving and than you decided to smash it. once the glass was flying, who wouldn't have taken off?

They still want to kidnap him and beat him, because he didn't properly identify himself. Rory has many documented conversations with the police, on the phone as well as at his place. So why would they come by in the middle of the night, with an obvious setup of at least 15 tax dollar sponsored thugs, when superiors of said servants ensured that his subordinates will act lawful and he will be only arrested when shown a warrant. Needless to discuss what would make it a proper warrant, as they never produced one and won't get one, because no crime happend.

It's highly ammusing to listen in some of Rory's videos how grownup man, paid by our hard earned tax dollars, freely decide to interpret the what they call law, putting acts above the constitution, interpreting something into it opposite and expect not to get laughed at.

Yupp, it is legal in canada to hold yourself slaves, is regulated in the "canadian ownership and control determination act". You have to do it voluntarily. Or you can refuse it. That simple, and than you are not owned, well legally... If somebody takes the servant up on his oath to obey the law, you generally get the shit kicked out of you if you don't run.

For everybody that didn't realize this yet, the police is an rough militia that makes a bit of pocket money on the side pretending to protect us. They are there to keep us in slavery. It's pretty harsh, but if you try to escape slavery, expect to potentially get killed. Stay and you die for sure.

Now Slavery is nowadays not really called this way anymore, as much as war is now an armed conflict. What Rory is trying to explain to the public servants is that according to canada's highest law, the consolidation of constitution acts, section 52 states it's the highest law, and section 32 states that it only applies to the government and legislature. He refuses to contract with the company canada. he won't become an agent of the government, or employee... or slave if you will. 

This particular crime that he was supposed to get arrested for, got actually many years ago taking out of the "motor vehicle act" by the supreme court of canada. His obstruction accusations were obviously worded different, as this article is not existent anymore, but nevertheless it's the same idea, but you would only expect somebody to respect that if he was acting lawful.

Rory is a very peaceful person. Even so the biggest gang in town declared him war, he tries to stay in peace. He seems to have a pretty good understanding of what "doing harm" is, and even so knows his rights to protect his freedom, he would reword sentences to not even in joke talk about how far some people might want to go to protect themselfs. 


One officer, he is not visible in the video per se, but he seemed to be the only actual officer on site who blocked the thugs. He prevented at least some of the planned attack, thank you, officer safety! Be carefull, buddy! You are our only help. And as long as the crooks are in it only for the money, you won't get kicked out.


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