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Stop the TPP_Tyrannical Political Prostitution

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  Excerpt from a citizens rally against the worst trade deal ever at the so called public hearings' on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) in Richmond BC.

    This TPP trade deal  has growing opposition globally and also by members of the US Senate. Quote from Sen. Elizabeth Warren / This TPP agreement is about letting multinational corporations Rig The Rules on everything from patent protection to food safety standards.    

Is there actually any wonder why full details of this secret sweet deal TPP agreement are mostly unknown by the general public / more information on this topic can be found at the online links listed below:  Thanks for watching and becoming informed.   

Sen. Elizabeth Warren - Congress should oppose the TPP trade deal.
Highlights: What's in the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement?
TPP 'worst trade deal ever,' says Nobel-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz
As reported in TheStar:  TPP trades away our constitutional rights.
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