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Vancouver Affordable Housing Crisis: "How can average hard-working people be expected to compete for homes with the globe's millionaires and billionaires?" Just as the problem has global roots, we need to also look globally for solutions / Eveline Xia”.  
   According to the Bank of Canada, the average selling price of a home in Vancouver is now nearly 11 times the average Vancouver family’s household income.
As Vancouver BC rises to one of the highest cost of living cities in the world, many working people and senior residents are faced with a situation where their earnings  & or savings, make it no longer possible to pay the high costs of living as pay increases have drastically fallen behind the never ending rising costs they are faced with.  
 More speakers from this rally will be posted at a later date.
Please refer to the clickable links below for more information on this high cost of living/housing topic & what youy can do to help your voice to be heard. 
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