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Hi everybody!
I didn't get to report too much news recently, as i'm busy dodging bullets.
the story with the musqueam is pretty much the same… still fighting to prevent some assholes from shitting on their ancestors graves…
Little success through negotiating with the occupier. The permits for the developer were supposed to expire in june, but the province extends them now on a bi-weekly basis. Some say it's to keep the property price up, some say it's simply to wear out the resistance.
 So, this Friday, will be the memorial and celebration of 100 days of musqueam resistance in cesnaum. They are pretty peaceful but kinda pissed off, so expect the surrounding bridges to be … included in the protest.

on saturday the 11th of august 2012 is gonna be the burrard inlet fish festival happening, thrown together by the Sound therapy crew. rocky point park, port moody. come check it out, you may also want to join us in the tv production. hit me up for details.

Also, this weekend, friday the 10 till sunday the 12th of august is big sale at spartacus book, 10-25% off, community run, education for the revolution. leave a few bucks if you can.

the student protests here in vancouver in solidarity with the casseroles,   that started in montreal over tuition hikes, and became about bill 78 is still in progress. The students are basically fighting martial law that's already in place.
The by the vpd newly implemented tactics from montreal, resulted in higher numbers of injured and arrested per protest. some got even arrested sitting ,before they got to start the march.

funny how in a pay for justice system, a charge with obstructing of justice just means you interfere with somebodys business. you prevent somebody from making money, so they get pissed off and send people with guns after you with a handful of copy and pasted allegations.

well that's what you get for living in an occupied zone.

we also still get countless people getting killed for protesting lets say mining. it's pretty sickening that we have here in vancouver companies that think they own the place here or anywhere in the world and buy themselves the rules as needed. in total disregard of life.

for the actual news, that your main stream media omits, check out your local news at:
now in halifax, montreal, toronto and vancouver.

now to my story...

i came here to be with my family… i had no idea that i walk into an occupation. yesterday your pipeline, today my child, tomorrow the fucking air you breath.
well, today, for the last 9 years, it's my child…
in my attempts to protect my child from the dangers of living in a war zone, i got to document a series of irregularity, inconsistencies… obvious lies, that too many people are just willing to accept. because you are forced to? who is holding the gun? who is willing to point it at people to force them into submission?
well, i think it's old men with a mother complex on a powertrip that put their name under copy and pasted licenses to kill and kidnap.
i was afraid to speak up for quite some time, long story, one year ago my ex armed up again to get me out of our childs life. i took all my courage, to point out some vital issues, obvious lies, that this case is based on.
Steinberg from the provincial mickey mouse court dismissed my claims , because she denied it. when i asked him where and when she denied it, because i didn't see any evidence showing that in 6 years at that point, he actually dared to argue that she did it with her looks! CASE DISMISSED BECAUSE SHE LOOKED DENYING!
so, today, 2 days after we saw him last, he actually put his name under a virtual license to get me shot… The question is who gave him this power?
I asked for help to prevent a senseless war and i get the gun pointed at my head because somebody wants to.
So just a warning, despite what you think you know, the attempt to get out slavery can still cost your life. well, my god doesn't allow any man to stand in between us, so no slavery for me...

Here am i ranting after a stressful day infront of themis, the justitia without the blindfold, only available on unceded coast salish land.



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