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Paramedics against Bill 21 and the Olympics

by VanRad collective 2010 Olympics

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They was mostly in favor of the Olympics but now they realize that this project is made against the people by the business, VANOC and the BC government. Now, they oppose the Olympics. These paramedics are talking about their fight against Bill 21, VANOC and the head of the BC government. This recording is uploaded with a flyer distributed to the paramedics at the support rally that was held november 23th 2009.

To the paramedics in the context of the upcoming 2010 Olympics and beyond

The Olympic project is expressing itself by laws against the people as you see, by gentrification, increasing the police state, environnemental destruction, stolen indigenous lands, reinforcing the genocide and oppressions of all kind... These Games have a long tradition of fascism incarnated by the nazi torch relay, presidents of the IOC, collaborators of fascists regimes, and are killing directly or indirectly many people and other species. The Olympics are the contrary of health for the majority. Not a surprise if VANOC target you ! THEY NEED YOU BECAUSE THEY MAKE US SICK ! It is why we try to organize ourselves to fight these Games. We have to find common solidarity so we can stop this project and this global world of exploitation as well, made by the bosses with the complicity of the states, against us, where democracy is nothing else than a very bad show.

For more information about the on-going struggle against the 2010 Olympics, you can check out, and many other websites

We will heal when we will stop to work for the ones who are destroying us !

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Maybe they should cancel the

Maybe they should cancel the Olympics.

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