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Goldcorp, Corporate Education and Gentrification Forum

by Vancouver Media Co-op

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Goldcorp, Corporate Education and Gentrification Forum
Bayron Figueroa, Myka Abramson & Dawn Paley (photo by Franklin López)
Bayron Figueroa, Myka Abramson & Dawn Paley (photo by Franklin López)
Wendy Pedersen (photo by Franklin López)
Wendy Pedersen (photo by Franklin López)

The link above is to Dawn Paley's talk from the October 25 event about Goldcorp, Gentrification, and the corporatization of the University. Click here to see a PDF copy of her slides.

Click here to listen to Wendy Pedersen's talk.

Click here to listen to Myka Abramson's talk.

Click here to listen to Bayron Figueroa's talk.

Speakers include: Dawn Paley, independent journalist; Wendy
Pedersen from Carnegie Community Action Project; Myka Abrambson from
the Teaching Support Staff Union at SFU; and more.


From the call-out: A public forum and discussion about the corporatization of the
university, the gentrification of the DTES, and the human and
environmental crimes of the Vancouver mining giant, Goldcorp.

In September the office of the SFU president announced that Canadian
mining giant *Goldcorp* has donated $10million to the Woodwards based
SFU branch⦠which has been rebranded "The Goldcorp Centre for the

A notorious environmental, human rights, and colonial criminal
company, Goldcorp is facing federal criminal charges in Honduras and
have been involved in legal battles in Argentina and Guatemala. The
Inter-American Commission for Human Rights recommended that a Goldcorp
mine in Guatemala be shut down because of widespread destruction and
contamination of land and water affecting territories of at least 18
communities of the Maya people.

Goldcorp claims that they considered the welfare of the "depressed"
Downtown Eastside and think they can be part of creating a "more
sustainable future" there. But according to the Carnegie Community
Action Project, the Woodwards project has had an immediate ripple
effect of massive rent increases and gentrification. No one, not SFU's
senior administration and certainly not Goldcorp ever asked if the
mining corporation was welcome in the community, or at our school.
Despite the rhetoric, the Goldcorp Arts Centre project is clearly
something the University is doing to the neighbourhood, not with it.

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Goldcorp criminals are simply another shameful example of legitimation in the face of countless human rights,public health and First Nations Peoples violations.  The only respectable, brave stance to take against these monsters of recolonization is to publicly,

explicitly, and overtly express our collective rage, right in front of the Woodwards building.


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