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The Stench of Labelling Links Libellous

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The Stench of Labelling Links Libellous

Last week I posted a story about a proposed composting facility in the Botanie Valley, near Lytton, BC, in Nlaka'pamux territory. The story went up on a Tuesday, and it included a broken link that was supposed to point readers towards a report about the impacts of the proposed facility, written by Dr. Michael Easton. By midday on Wednesday, a copyeditor had gone over the piece, pointed out that the link was broken, and I fixed it.
Within two hours of fixing the link, I received an email in my inbox from Nathanson, Schachter & Thompson LLP on behalf of Northwest Organics, the company planning to build the composting plant. The letter ends with the following statement: "By hyperlinking the defamatory Easton report in your article you are republishing the defamatory statements and causing injury to our client. We demand that you forthwith remove the hyperlink from the article and cease republication of the defamatory statements."
Ok, I think to myself, they're not really taking issue with the story. But they don't like the fact that I have linked to a document that they're calling defamatory. Now just a second here, I think, how is it that I am re-publishing defamatory statements just by linking to something?
I checked in quickly with Leo McGrady, a lawyer who has been kind enough to lend a hand to the VMC. Here's what Leo told me: "Merely by publishing a hyperlink, you are not taken to have published the contents of the linked material. But if you invite or encourage your reader to visit the linked site, or if you adopt its content, that is a publication of libel."

This issue is presently before the Supreme Court of Canada, after a B.C. Court of Appeal decision indicated you would be liable only if you knew the link was libellous. The case at the B.C. level was known as Crookes v. Wikimedia Foundation. A decision is expected by the Supreme Court within weeks.

This amounts to what I think is an antiquated attempt to control what kind of information bloggers and journalists, as well as folks on twitter and facebook share with each other.

Alas, for the moment, VMC has taken the link down. We are not interested in being forced into court -- and we know that Northwest Organics, the company proposing to build the controversial facility in the Botanie Valley, is litigious. Two people in the area are already being sued by the company, and we expect the company to begin a lawsuit against Dr. Easton, the author of the contentious report sometime this week.

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hey -- how ironic really, but the last commenter who left a long rant about maritime law titled their comment with a libellous statement about one of the people mentioned above. feel free to repost, but please, without calling anyone incompetent.

thank you


really interesting info

thanks for posting this, Dawn. 

its hard to know where to find accurate legal info allowing us understand when & by whom our freedom of speech is being trimmed in cases such as this....

Thanks and thanks but...

thanks Jadis

To the person who posted a comment with a link to the Easton report -- did you read the post above?

Linking (yes, linking) to a document could mean that the VMC would be dragged into court. Hence, we removed the link. Hence, I deleted your comment.


@Dawni left that comment as

i left that comment as fact, matter of discussion and a challenge ... it was Not directed at you [Dawn] specifically

Present English is a bastardized language put together from many others and considered outright detrimental to well-being of all men and women whom use it. It is a code made for purposes of Commerce as designed by Templars who took over indigenous England after a certain Friday the 13th. They renamed themselves Freemasons to hide their identity and to install a Germanic king while renaming England to Britain.

"you" defined in any present dictionary has singular and plural meanings. You [Dawn] internalized it as if it was singular. Your mistake Dawn.

your failure to put up my comment also shows Fear you have of Maritime Admiralty and or you are directly or indirectly in their pockets.

info @ above link clearly shows Michael Geist has no problems with such links and information in them, yet is afraid or smart enough not to answer such challenges put to him

until you start learning actual Law systems and history related with them you are in the same possition. So, don't give me and everyone else that "libellous statement", "rant" and "incompetent" bullsh*t

at this point let me be absolutely blunt Dawn ... get off your ass and actually learn before you open that flapper of yours. :) Learn how to read and interpret British English code before answering with such nonsense as you did and deleting messages. Learn those systems from a man's point of view since Templars are all men and date back to Patriarchal Amun Priests of Egypt.

then learn the woman's side called Aten, and other parts of original Laws. Each being a book. There is 300 books in all.

if you don't put my message back up then i will probably add to it and certainly you won't like what it will contain. If you still don't put that up then we will know you are a shill for Templars

Love Peace Liberty and Justice for All

[obviously this message is specifically to you Dawn and you should keep it for your future reference.]


i didn't take it personally. yes, i found the content of your comment consipiratiorial and far outside my personal belief system. It wasn't the comment so much as the title of the comment that i found problematic (potentially libellous).  such language was not repeated in the comment above, hence, it stays. ridiculous as it may appear to some, myself included. (chem trails, etc).

LOL glad you didn't take it

LOL glad you didn't take it personally.

this is not a matter of "consipiratiorial" conspiratorial, it's a matter of Law. I suggest you stick to the facts in Law.

Your "personal belief system" has nothing to do with it either. Again, it's a matter of Law. BTW: I don't see a Claim of Right of your "personal belief system" to know what is and isn't allowed by your beliefs.

"problematic (potentially libellous)"? You don't even know and you delete arbitrarily? No wonder you were receiving mail from shills like "Nathanson, Schachter & Thompson LLP". Before you delete this check the Notice at bottom. It absolves you and everyone else from everything and puts the onus on me. I'd be happy to put all of them back in their place. Have done so before.

By not putting my comments back up and or deleting them you are doing a disservice to yourself, me and everyone else.

All this has been covered on, Michael Geist, and many other places. Yet you seem to be the weakest link as you automatically got scared like a little puppy.

"ridiculous" (chem trails, etc)?  Obviously you have not studied or even checked what the Law is, nor how Canada was setup, the treaties, contracts, etc. ... nor what Laws are active and or Lawful and which not. I strongly suggest you start.

This is not over by a long shot. There's a growing movement of exposing corporate/government shills for who they really are. Like it or not you will need to learn this or you will keep receiving comments such as mine, till you learn if need be.

From what i can see you have deleted a large umber of comments since only a few showed up in comparison to what comment numbers show. Shame on you.

Notice: All Unalienable Natural Sovereign and Common Laws reserved. Admiralty Law rejected.


If you dont want to risk even letting a commenter post the link, you can report the incident



afaik the site sponsoring the comment is resposible for the comment. so no, vmc can't take that on at the moment. unless it was presented in a less obvious way.



thanks for the link by the way i'm going to input the info about this case there.

Libelous > libel ... Law101

Notice: All Unalienable Natural Sovereign and Common Laws reserved. Admiralty Law rejected.
- This means lawyers and whole admiralty system can go piss up a rope and Vancouver Media Coop is off the hook.

I was going to let loose with a scathing reply but i found something much better.

Now let's look at "Libelous": if you want to get technical, as most lawyers and judges do, the word is spelled wrongly in the title and therefore everything under it is non binding. It's also a derivative of word "libel" defines it as: 2. The written claims presented by a plaintiff in an action at ADMIRALTY LAW or to an ecclesiastical court. [emphasis added] Admiralty Law is old Maritime Law of the Seas. It has No power on Land unless you let it or make a "joiner" with it.
Vancouver Media Coop does this by default by naming the presenter of info as "poster" who "posted" an article same as Canada Post, an Admiralty Law entity. Vancouver Media further ties poster as a "person", one holding a "purse" for a master or one above him/her ... as in slave/voluntary slave.  

How it's done without your knowledge: [4 parts]
Vancouver Media lists Dawn as DAWN PALEY as "author" of "article", yet directory name is /author/dawn-paley and /user/61. To further confuse/tie Dawn and all others signed up to Admiralty Law page lists dawn as Dawn Paley. Vancouver Media covered all the bases needed to make a real/natural man or woman a slave to Admiralty Jurisdiction.

Don't believe me? ... go study for yourself and figure it out. As you do make sure you check each and every word to it's origins and it's meaning, starting with the title. Use all available Law dictionaries as Legalese is not English but a "coded" form of it.

Solutions: A Notice [notice of understanding and intent and claim of right] is your best friend.
Once you comprehend the basics of each type of Law you can Notify those you disagree within their respective jurisdictions. A Notice is an offer to negotiate, renegotiate and or claim a right. Never use a Notary that's also a lawyer, like on Ontario, or you are automatically bound by that jurisdiction [in Ontario's instance it's Admiralty] ... Unless you make an agreement on Paper specifying lawyer abstains from Admiralty. You want to be in Common Law or some other non-corrupted jurisdiction.

Alternately you can use 2 well respected men/women in your community as co singers  to your Notice. Obviously you don't want them to be tied to Admiralty in any way. If you are a Sovereign you can make your own decrees and Admiralty can't do a darn thing about it ... unless they want to [literally] start a war.

Note: western provinces have not been ratified as part of Canada and therefore are Unlawful on Land. Nice bit of news you didn't know, eh?

I suggest everyone interested in saving this planet and everything on it should study Common Law first, learn your Rights, history of all types of Law and expand from there.

Factoid: Internet was originally rejected by USA DOD due to it's insecure nature and given to public for sharing any and ALL information for betterment of everyone and all life on this planet. Admiralty and all it's tentacles have No Right to it whatsoever. We, the Internet Community, can kick them off any time we so choose.

If you have your own server running free operating system there's no way that admiralty can kick you off the internet  or mess with you in any way. Most operating systems today are already server capable, especially Linux and Unix. There are millions servers around the globe sharing all kinds of info without a problem, info that would more than raise an eyebrow.

BTW: Common Law trumps Admiralty Law by default as Admiralty is a service, service/servant to us, Common men and women and Communities. We are The Law. Don't ever forget it.

wow far out!



woooooooooooo woooooooooooooo


yea, next up: chem trails.

you think that's really

you think that's really funny, do you?
maybe you should check out [4 parts]
and directly related
this is all supported by documented evidence, historical and financial records. not just in Europe but wherever templars traveled. their "legal code" and one used today in Canada is exact copy of their occult control practices, actually anywhere British Commonwealth has been. indigenous English men and women are realizing this British atrocity and starting to use tools available to them to fight such tyranny

how far does this rabbit hole go? learn here: Revelations Of A Mother Goddess

and before you laugh at last link ... there have been a good number of people caught on video to prove this. as soon they they show up on media sites they are promptly taken down. many of those who put them up have a tendency to disappear, never to be heard from again or meet with an accident
welcome to the global information war

i will go as far as to say; behind that baby face Harper is nothing but a tyrannical bastard puppet for certain powers that would totally freak you out if you knew their true nature

there's nothing more frightening to them as someone standing up to challenge them with their own rules and more so with no fear. no fear means being smart about it as well

Notice: All Unalienable Natural Sovereign and Common Laws reserved. Admiralty Law rejected.

Revelations of a ...?

Dave Icke is right about the controls exerted by inner city of London and bloodlines BUT throw out the shape shifting alien among us card.

Royals have the largest inbreeding deformity rate, as all monarchies do. Some are born with scales, only one eye [cyclops], bird's feathers and such but not as far as David says. Hospital staff have been reporting this for ages. They are promptly and very quietly disposed of.

There may be a few who develop those traits later on and pass through the cracks but we are all part aliens if one wants to get technical. Somewhere in our distant history our DNA was played with to get modern home sapiens. Scientists can't figure out how but they do know first 2 chromosomes are doubled up

Occult practices are true, as do hierarchies of Roman Catholic, Hindu, Pagan, Templar and most other religions. The truth in them is the ancient advanced technology, being able to predict in cycles, what's outside of our visible spectrum, the universe and more. Yet these are only hints of what's actually around us and out there. If you live outside of the city take any good quality CCTV camera, a sensitive motion and infrared detector and you will eventually see what I mean.

When one starts putting together the pieces from all cultures their minds start to open up and realize the extent of our universe and lies we have been taught, unintentionally or by error.
exposing the lies and half truths:

Crooks? Another corporate shill trying to lock down our internet and spread of needed info.
Here's another way shills are trying to do same:

Spread the word ;)

Pompous jackass much?

There's a cut and dry example of why folks need to take their politics out in the streets more often and not let their delusions ferment on message forums for years at a time.

What's the take shilling for the templars these days anyway?

I could use some extra cash.



me too. lol. thanks for posting this

What kind of doublespeak is

What kind of doublespeak is this that Nathanson, Schachter & Thompson LLP and Leo McGrady are trying to pull?

Linking is inherent to Internet and does not fall under Liability Act. Millions of websites use this thing to share content and information without any problems or issues. Why all of a sudden are they attacking you?

1. You are the weakest link in the chain
2. You are gullible or do not know your Rights and or won't stand up for them.
3. They have been caught with their pants down and are trying to hide the facts.
4. By initiating such a frivolous act they tend to scare you into submission.

Lawyers, judges and any agents thereof are part of BAR Society, a private for profit entity separate from Canada (Corporation of Canada) that uses it's own coded language called Legalese. It's main concern is Business and anything to further their own ends as well as their client's interests. It is not interested in protecting anything that may concern the rights of people or Internet.

Canada is nothing but a number of Corporations allowed to operate under Jurisdiction of The Queen, British Privy Counsel and British Business for a cut of the profits. Even though Canada has gained it's Sovereignty the document is flawed and therefore null and void.

In such a case Canada reverts to and remains a British subject and only Rule of Law for people living on the Land designated as Canada is Common Law, specifically English Common Law. Therefore all Laws previous to Canadian Sovereignty are still active.

For that matter Gabbi is correct in saying what he has and Krishna E Bera is off his rocker as is not in Canadian Jurisdiction, not interested in any Rights but their own and Corporations who support them. I sure would like to see what else Gabbi has written since it may have bearing on this issue.

For further help or information about this contact me, Jon Newton's lawyer, , , Rob:Menard of , , or any of 1000's of forums on this subject and Rights Organizations.

RLP (Retired Law Professor)

off the rocker and into the fire

I completely agree that linking is an intrinsic part of the WWW and that it is necessary for freedom of expression to allow linking (equivalent to citation).  The question is, can VMC handle the legal fight involved?  They say they cannot and i take their word for it.  Also, a pending Supreme Court decision was mentioned so maybe we ought to wait for that before proclaiming what is legal and what isnt??

As for being out of its jurisdiction, it doesnt have one.  It is a place where you can report things and others can see those reports.  It is not some sort of litigating watchdog, at least not outside of the U.S.A..  Also, being outside of Canada makes it perfect for reporting problems occurring in Canada - less likely to be subject to lawsuits.


due to insecure nature of

due to insecure nature of this internet and it's inhalant ability to be one great big copy machine it is impossible to sustain any kind of DMCA or any other regulation.

Decentralized computing by default states that: as long as there's 3 server capable computers hooked to internet while running Free or custom OS the whole thing can't be locked down.

why? because ppl use more than what you can readily see: undocumented protocols, greynet, darknet, triple layer or better encryption, software that doesn't make logs, FREE software without a license, custom FREE software that doesn't show up on any readily available packet capture schemes,  and so on.
- this makes all laws that try to impress themselves on this internet Null and Void.

it is only websites who subscribe to Maritime Admiralty system by using "registered software" that are subject to it. Ones who do not are NOT subject to it. This simple.

BTW: universities are nothing but indoctrination vehicles into much despised oligarchy ruling class system, is good example of such poor advertizing. get them on the fringes, get 'em locked in and they are hooked ... new sheeple .. wow what a concept
why should anyone concern themselves with an entity that doesn't matter? is in USA and is bound by those laws ... so don't try to lie

Translation: all this crap is 20 to 40 yrs behind the times of real internet of today. it's like telling an adult to go play in some kids sandbox with some mean ass bully beating on 'em 24/7

there are no less than 3 more major layers of internet most don't see. there are servers out there that make wikileaks look like amateurs and show everything the oligarchs are doing. 1st that should be a given is .mil [military net] , a system of ... [well, you figure it out]. the others are similar or better

only the newbies, the uneducated or stupid use this blatant wide open internet. anyone with half a brain knows not to piss off the oligarchs in their own sandbox unless you have good protections in place.

obvious VMC didn't prepare for anything substantial and now are crying wooof .. oops ... puke.
so how many times does it need to be said what VMC options are?
how long will it take for you to open that tincan sitting between your ears to let the info in this thread sink in?
- once it sinks in ... go learn . nobody is going to give it to you on a silver platter or do it for you

your parents should have taught you all of this before you were 13 or before age of consent. go teach them as well

inhalant nature

Think you meant "inherent" dude.

I certainly don't disagree with you on the intellectual plane, but at a practical level, VMC is an entity with (small) operating costs and a public presence, therefore, even being subjected to a lawsuit, however spurious the charges might be, could be very disruptive and demoralizing to a grassroots organization with a minimum of resources.

So they're being cautious and is this condescending tone of yours really necessary?

IMHO VMC is a hub for genuine regular folks wanting to report on issues that interest and/or directly affect them as well as my personal favourite source for local media.

I don't see why it has to go on some crusade about the boundaries of the law too.

Personally attacking people (potential libel) is the kind of direct action best done by small cells of dedicated info-warriors who accept the risks involved.

I'd rather not see my favorite little grassroots media co-op scuttled by one pissed off company with a squad of lawyers and a legal department.




Yes i did mean inherent.

Yes i did mean inherent. Thank you.
My point is that men and women need to gather the tools needed to fight such an enemy that well intrenched. These tools have worked in the past during great depression, foreclosures, land theft, corruption, Hippy movement and many others. They have proven themselves to work in the worst of times. Without them VMC is just blowing wind and oligarch shills know it.

as in any conflict:
1. Prepare , prepare and prepare some more. Without it you're just cannon fodder or fertilizer for their crops.
2. Know your enemy - find out everything there is to know while keeping your plans close to your chest
You are up against an enemy that has not just survived for 1000's of years, but flourished when others have turned to misery or died by the Millions.
3. Educate yourself in every possible way before you even think of making plans, then educate yourself some more! Your enemy has taken over the planet. Can you do same with your system permanently? Your system must last 10,000 years or more, so be smart about it ... very smart.
4. Make plans, backup plans and redundancy plans .. including your plans of what you want society to be like when you're done
5. Be prepared to die. If you are not then don't bother even getting out of bed. I'm speaking from experience of many conflicts over the years around the world.
6. Gather your troops, as many as possible. This means you need an overwhelming majority of the public, 80% or more
7. Educate your public, troops, your friends, in the most comprehensive way about your enemy, path to your future, global path, galactic path, even universal path.
8. Vet your troops. You don't want your enemy among them.
9. Keep in mind there have been many before you and have failed to secure your kids futures. Emmanuel/Jesus, Gandhi, Kennedy, M L King, William Cooper, Mother Theresa and 1000's more.
10. If you have learned and practiced diligently then you can execute your plans in one swoop and take over.

Things you absolutely need to know as all encompassing one thought [besides one's mentioned already]: Nassim Haramein, Robert: Menard, Winston: Shrout, Sun Tzu, Machiavelli, Maya, Tao, permaculture, Celts, Druids, Slavs, Dogon, Self Honor [martial arts], cycles of planet earth and universe and life among the stars.

When you have encompassed all of these then you will be ready to make plans against your enemy ... destructive shills, greed, manipulators, suppressors and tyrants.

Note: the number one thing VMC needs to do is switch to pure Common Law Jurisdiction.
"Love Peace Liberty and Justice for All"

I don't see where in EcoGen's

I don't see where in EcoGen's report there is any defamatory material.  Could it possibly be that Mr. Ralph D. Mcrae is a high powered layer,  and he knows that if he can silence any opposition to his big money project, he damn well should, as it is a complete house of cards.  The last thing he wants is for the people of the lower mainland to find out that their bio-waste might contaminate an ethnobotanical treasure and a beautiful place.  Look up Nancy J. Turner's writings on Nlaka'pamux ethnobotany... The Botanie Valley is one of the most important traditional food gathering areas in southern British Columbia.  Do we really want a bunch of yard scraps containing foreign fungal species (the southern interior is a different eco-system, containing different species)  insects from lawns (european Chafer beetle),  and other unknown being brought into the area??  


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