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MORE Intelligence Reports from the V2010ISU-JIG

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It seems to never end. I got a less redacted version of the V2010ISU-JIG reports, and I currently have the following reports:

These documents are far more complete than the earlier documents that I got about myself. For starters, they show the phase that the RCMP thought I was at when they were conducting their surveillance. According to the RCMP, on February 2009 I was gathering equipment, weapons and getting legal defence set up. Now, everyone should be concerned about this, since I wasn't gathering any weapons or equipment at that time, and there's also the fact that even if I was talking to a laywer, that's my right to do so. Furthermore, they have me listed as a threat alongside PETA to the games. This goes along with the logic of 'if you have done nothing wrong, you have nothing to hide'. The fact is that even if you engage in non-violent civil disobedience, or even peaceful protest, it's ALWAYS a good idea to have legal support, and talking to a lawyer should NEVER be used as evidence, since everyone has the right to speak to their lawyer.

The fact that we have to discuss whether talking to a lawyer is grounds for suspicion is ridiculous, since asking a lawyer advice on something like "Do you think this will be illegal?" isn't illegal. When the police and the state make demonstrations illegal, as they have tried to do during the Olympics and the G20, this is due diligence.

The files are posted above, and as usual I redacted my middle name and my birthdate, but other than those details, these files are exactly like those that were given to me by RCMP ATIP. I have sent an e-mail to the RCMP about this, and hopefully they comply when a 3rd party requests these same files. I hope to get more intelligence reports, briefing notes and other material soon.

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As always!

Thanks for posting this stuff man, pig logic is endlessly fascinating to me because I'm sick in the head.

would have been interesting

would have been interesting if all of p. 4 wasn't redacted - wondering how many they tracked from Ontario to Vancouver.

Probably everyone who the G20ISU were tracking

There was a lot of information sharing between the V2010ISU, the G20ISU and the Aboriginal ISU.  It'd be interesting if the G20 Defendants or the MDC on their behalf worked to release parts of the personal G20ISU files, since that's a very large missing piece.


infl00p i'm  just waiting for a stratfor email about you... right up there with PETA. ;)

thx for posting!

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