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"Free speech" nut sues over Facebook comments

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Ryan Elson (John Pettit, Xtofury) on Youtube
Ryan Elson (John Pettit, Xtofury) on Youtube

The judge should arrest me for calling this wingnut "racist"

UPDATE: The wingnut lawsuit is over and I won!

For months, a local Libertarian wingnut has been telling anyone who will listen that I’m a “reverse racist,” part of a sinister New World Order conspiracy, and so on. Now he’s asking a BC Supreme Court judge to have me arrested for calling him a white supremacist jerk on Facebook and on my website.

The wingnut, acting without benefit of legal counsel, has filed a bizarre pile of claims on behalf of himself, a group called We Are Change Victoria, and neo-Nazi sympathizer Doug Christie. He defends Christie’s views as free speech, while insisting that my speech is a crime.

1) On October 14, 2012, Plaintiff [Zoe Blunt] targeted Defendant [Ryan Elson] labelling him and other members of WAC Victoria as “white supremacists” and “racists” in a Facebook event posting. Doug Christy [sic] was labelled this as well … Here we establish the Plaintiff’s Vendetta towards the Defendant.

3) Civil restitution AND court order for criminal investigation and prosecution be brought fourth [sic] on the Plaintiff for Criminal malicious prosecution, Criminal harassment, Conspiracy.

4) Criminal charges be brought fourth [sic] on the Plaintiff for Perjury in association with her claims of “perjury” within her statement of facts on civil claim 12-4008.

The oddball demands are part of a counterclaim to my civil action to protect the rights to my photos and other work that the wingnut republished and misused.

The photos were taken on October 20, 2012 at a counter-protest near a Victoria rally where Christie was scheduled to speak. They show the wingnut and two colleagues confronting me and the police intervening.

The wingnut claims to own copyright on the photos I took of him.

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Sad little man ...

Hey Zoe, sorry to read you still have to be dealing with this. Dude's so clueless it's dangerous instead of funny and now using tactics that could be disruptive and expensive. Similar incident around occupy Vancouver last year when facebook coaxed a bunch of the same kind of psyche-profiles out in to the daylight.

Still ... some of the ones who weren't hopelessly racist and misogynist have become decent people gradually through real human contact ... 

We Are Change always seems to consist of these media-student rejects with no analysis and waaay to much time spent consuming right-wing occult conspiracy media about shadow governments  and reptilian illuminati star gods that perpetrated MK ultra.

(yes, I've read all their shit)

Anyway, solidarity

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