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Announcing: There Will Be Blood Alley, an anarchist social space!

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Announcing: There Will Be Blood Alley, an anarchist social space!

We are an anarchist space located at 38 Blood Alley Square on Occupied Coast Salish Territories (Vancouver). We aim to generally enhance the anarchist struggle in this city and beyond.

We are still tying up some loose ends regarding the logistics of our space, such as wheelchair accessible bathrooms, but we are all ready for our first month full of events!

Friday, December 6th - 7pm - 5 years Since The Greek Insurrection - A night of short films and information to celebrate the insurrection of 2008 in Greece, and to think of where things have gone since then.

Thursday, December 12th – 7pm – Submedia Screening – A motherfuckin screening of the latest sedition of “It’s The End of The World As We Know it and I Feel Fine”

Sunday, 15th- 2pm - Eating “Disorder”, Disordered Eating… Naming Our Struggles, Tackling the Ugly. (Part I) - What are our lived experiences of eating “disorders” and disordered eating? What have we gained from such struggles? How can it begin to not be so ‘personal’ or pathologizing and limited to “self-care” recovery, while acknowledging where we’re at and figuring out our needs? (The event is for folks that have or that are currently navigating such issues)

Wednesday, 18th – 3pm – 8pm – Donations Drop Off – The space is in need of supplies, we need: cutlery, bookshelves, magazine stands, radical/anarchist books, bowls, serving utensils, a tea pot, a small table, a mirror, extension cords, lamps, and a carpet. Please and thank you for your support.

Friday 20th – 7pm – Anarchist Reading Group – Discussing “Standing on the Land to Stand up to Pipelines: A Report From the Unist’ot’en Camp” copies of the text can be retrieved at prior events, or read online:

Saturday, 21st - WOEVAN Winter Solstice Ritual - all welcome, no experience necessary contact for details.

Sunday, 22nd – 7pm – Antifa Film Night - a screening of two films, “No Pasaran” and “The Politics of Knives” that deal with radical resistance to fascism in Germany and Greece.

Sunday, 29th - 2pm - Our Bodies As Land, Our Blood As River: Tackling Alienation, Sharing Tools To Break Through (Eating Disorder Part II) - How does living in a colonial, capitalist, patriarchal world shape our relationships to our own mind, body and spirit? Where do we locate ourselves in relation to the world we live in, where do we stand, what are the choices we make? How can this location enliven and strengthen us in reclaiming of all aspects of our lives?

Monday 30th – 7pm – Anarchists in Brazil – Short presentation and discussion of anarchist participation in recent social movements in the state of Brazil.

Please follow our blog : for further updates , and hit us up at if you have any questions or proposals for future events!

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Cancelled Event

Sorry to announce, but the "Anarchists in Brazil" event for monday December 30th, has been cancelled.

Stay tuned for many more vents in January!

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