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Balaclava! VMC Broadsheet issue 21

Gentrification in the DTES and Commercial Drive, Alex Hundert bail update

by Vancouver Media Co-op

Balaclava! VMC Broadsheet issue 21

The October 16-31 issue covers gentrification in the east side in-depth, following up the gentrification of heritage houses on Commercial Drive, and the creation of new "affordable" housing in the DTES. Also, Alex Hundert bail update.

Download Balaclava! issue 21 here.

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Support for Alex

I only partially agree with Alex Hundert when he says " that his supporters need to continue organizing and not focus on his plight " .   Wherever repression exists we should be fighting against it and as Alex indicates, there is no shortage of these situations.  This includes the absurd conditions placed on Alex.  Perhaps he is right, we shouldn't focus on his plight any more, but neither should we focus on it any less.

We  are stripped of our rights too often, we shouldn't and we won't sign them away willingly.  Rock on Alex!   And thanks to VMC, TMC and The Dominion for keeping Alex in the news, I don't want to forget.

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