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The 2010 Winter Olympic Legacy

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The cheering crowds and sea of volunteers - supported by the Police, the RCMP and the Military - are simply an army of fools fighting for greater profits for the rich.

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Army of Fools

At this point the money on the Olympics are spent.  And as my mother would tell me "crying over spilt milk is a waste of time and effort."


At this point the ONLY way we will recoup some if any of this spent money we need to make sure this is the most successful games in the history of the Olympics.


I applaud all Volunteers and certainly will not criticize someone for cheering something that excites them even if I don’t agree.

Everyone complains without

Everyone complains without knowing anything about the actual facts surrounding the 2010 Olympics. People think that we are spending all that money on a two week party when really that party has allowed us to develope top of the line facilities that will serve our communities long after the games are gone. Vancouver has planned the new facilities for life after the games while making sure they can support the game.

Also that large price tag that is given includes many large projects that were schedualed to be done however they were lackinf funds. These include sea to sky, the Canada line and the convention center.

The olympics are allowing Vasncouver to do multiple projects that would of taken decades to accomplish otherwise. And we've recieved federal grants and private money that mean were not paying the whole bill.

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