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GE's Bute Inlet Private Power Proposal - Update

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An excellent summary by Lannie Keller from Friends of Bute Inlet of the campaign to stop the largest proposed private hydro power project in Canadian history - GE and Plutonic Power's plan to dam and divert 17 rivers at the head of Bute Inlet on the Sunshine Coast. Lannie updated the crowd at the "Take Back Our BC" event on Quadra Island on November 7, about the latest details of the 1,027 megawatt proposal (worth at least $20 Billion to the corporations involved) and the citizen campaign to save the ecologically diverse and visually spectacular Bute.

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thanks for posting this

thanks for posting this video!

I'm so glad to hear about FOBI and their efforts towards the private hydro projects. People power will look out for our resources!



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