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Press Release: re Planned White Supremacist March in Vancouver, March 21st

Neo-nazis are planning to march in the streets of Vancouver. We will not allow this to go unchallenged.

by Mac

Lee Peacock, known white supremacist.
Lee Peacock, known white supremacist.

Allow me to introduce myself. For the purposes of this letter, I ask to be considered an anonymous citizen, although I will give my information to journalists if it is required, once I can ascertain their legitimacy. I am primarily a representative of the Vancouver Area A.R.A. (Anti-Racist Action) chapter in this case, although we will not be the only organization represented, by far. This chapter has been reactivated in response to the rising threat of fascist activity in our communities, as evidenced by the recent public activity of white supremacist groups. We are a non-sectarian organization, composed of people from across the entire spectrum of culture, creed, age, race, and of all genders. The only universal characteristic that we share is our opposition to racially-motivated hatred; and to the individuals responsible for propagating it in today’s society. We stand united against racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, age-discrimination, discrimination against individuals with disabilities, and the exploitation of marginalized workers around the globe. We are individuals from every level of society, individuals that recognize and embrace the differences which enrich our communities. We are citizens of this country, and we will not stand for the public presence of groups promoting racial hatred; or for the threat that their presence poses to the safety of visible minorities. On Sunday, March 21st, a white supremacist group referring to themselves as “Advocates for White Civil Rights” is planning to march through Coquitlam, Burnaby and Vancouver. They plan to assemble at Braid skytrain station in New Westminster at 12 noon then proceed down the line, marching between stations, and ending at the Vancouver Art Gallery. After this, they have stated their intention to proceed to Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area, where they plan on holding a “feast”, in their words. Given the secluded nature of this area, and the fact that their group includes known violent offenders, and has demonstrated hostility towards visible minority groups, this poses an unacceptable threat to public safety. There is currently a petition to the city of Burnaby, to deny them usage on those grounds. Numerous groups are massing in opposition to this, there will be a Multicultural Pride march assembling at Braid station at 11am on the same day, and proceeding along the same planned route. There will be a wide variety of entertainment, performances and general revelry at the event, it is intended to be a peaceful celebration of the lower mainland’s multicultural community; people of all race, culture and creed are welcome. There will also be a cohesive, organized presence there, to prevent any of the participants from being harmed. We are after all dealing with violent offenders, who have a track record of assaulting visible minorities. The concept of “white pride” is protected under freedom of speech, despite the fact that it is being used as a thin veneer to mask the promotion of hate crimes. We recognize and appreciate this right, we do not intend to block their planned march. We are there to present the differing viewpoint, in a safe, positive and fun manner. We ask that all interested members of Vancouver’s diverse ethnic and cultural communities join us; to celebrate the differences between us, and to demonstrate to these individuals and groups that racial hatred will not go unchallenged in this area. There is currently a similar situation on Vancouver island with a group calling itself “Blood & Honour”, who are associated with the “Volksfront” (themselves the largest white supremacist group in BC). They are planning a 2-day “folk gathering”, themed around fascist, xenophobic ideology, and a pagan worship known as “Asatru” (the worship of the old Norse gods). Asatru in and of itself does not promote racial hatred, but has been adopted by white supremacists as a means of furthering their dogma, most notably by Irish national Vicky Cahill (niece of deceased crime boss Martin Cahill), who plans on attending this event, and is a known member of their group. Other known “Blood & Honour” (as well as Volksfront) members include Dan & Evan Atkey, Shawn MacDonald, Martina Mortimer, Rob De Chazel and an individual named Jan, known only so far by his street name, “white boy”, whom we have numerous photos of, and who was an original founder of the “Aryan Guard”, which is predominantly a problem in Alberta. Known Volksfront leader, Brad Galloway (aka O’neal) is originally from Ontario, we have been told that he has some connection to CSIS, and that his father is a JOG police agent (although this is as yet uncorroborated). Volksfront is the only group out of the three which has not been observed using Neo-Nazi symbolism, or directly espousing the views of Adolf Hitler. Photographs of all of the above-mentioned individuals are available on request, should you wish to run them. I will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, or to furnish additional materials, please forward correspondence to and are excellent sources of information, and is the platform the white supremacists are using to disseminate information, see for yourselves… I thank you for your time in reading this, and look forward to hearing from you. Racial hatred must be opposed in all its forms; and the public has a right to know when individuals in their community are disseminating its propaganda. It is my hope that you feel the same, and that you will exercise your journalistic responsibility by notifying the public of this unfortunate situation in their midst.


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Let's remember the updated

Let's remember the updated and more accurate definition of racist:

RACIST: 1. Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive term for a white person. 2: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities, if promoted by white people. 3: a belief that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race,if promoted by white people.

 They are planning a 2-day

 They are planning a 2-day “folk gathering”, themed around fascist, xenophobic ideology, and a pagan worship known as “Asatru” (the worship of the old Norse gods). Asatru in and of itself does not promote racial hatred, but has been adopted by white supremacists as a means of furthering their dogma, most notably by Irish national Vicky Cahill (niece of deceased crime boss Martin Cahill), who plans on attending this event, and is a known member of their group. 


Thank you very much for making it clear that Asatru is not a racist religion.  This is something that most reports leave out.

That picture you have on your

That picture you have on your site is my husband.(TA) I am cut out of the picture. who ever planed this march posed as him. He has nothing to do with this and is upset about his name being slandered. I completely disagree with the march and so does he. This has taken a horrible affect on myself and him. And i hate that his face is being posted all over this. When he had nothing to do with it. This has now put my husband and i in danger.


The Bali bombers where instructed to target white people . Eldrige Cleaver raped white women as a act of revolution . The Scorpio Killers murdered white people as part of there Black power cult . When we base racism on the body count and not on libleft drivel we see where the problem really is .


Ironically, I wouldn't have known about this march, were it not for the negative publicity your organization has spread across facebook and via flyering.

Having thrown benefits for the ARA in the past, I appreciate your attempts to combat bigotry. However, as a matter of strategy, in the future it might be more productive to hold ralleys promoting contrary beliefs on the same day, in the same location, without bringing further attention to the existance and views of an otherwise obscure organization. There's no such thing as "bad publicity"...

Tell me it ain’t so

"“folk gathering”, themed around fascist, xenophobic ideology,"" - is that what this group actually proclaimed as its purpose or agenda or is this the author's.
Let's be clear.

About Ms. Cahill, does it matter that her uncle was a criminal. One's opinion of someone should be based on actions of that person and not on family/group connection. That's just plain prejudice.

This article is a turn-off - too imflammatory, promotional, and perhaps distortive. Not a fan of any racist group but I think we all have the right to speak freely and assemble peacefully.....and to peacefully, respectfully protest. When groups try to stifle those rights I begin to wonder what their agenda is.

What to do?

1st, to the anonymous poster who commented above that a photo here is their husband. Just assign your name with your posts, to clear you & your husband in the public shpere of opinion. then also do communicate with responsible parties on possible court actions you might want to take aginst such personally defamatory fraud.

2nd, for those of us already enlightened & engaged in this matter, we might want to simply ignore & allow the rest of society to decide for themselves whether 'race based supremitism' is a societal issue, or not? Basically, I see no point in giving it any serious consideration or attention.

Racism correction

Please to correct my statement . That was Zebra killers not Scorpio . Also misuse of the word " there" ,read "their" instead . A report from South Africa in the Sowetan newspaper states Mr. Malema the head of the ANC Youth wing, likes to sing "Kill the boer ". With several thousand white farmers killed in the last few years he is getting his wish . His views on rape are so filthy I will not repeat them here .

how can i start a ARA chapter in my area

i was looking into starting a ARA chapter in central oregon where the aryon nations headquarters is moving and if you can give me tips or anything to star a ARA chapter

Are we perpetuating racial

Are we perpetuating racial divides? What's the end game for that?

Perhaps we should do something positive, like form a Movement for the Liberation of White People.

What happened to the tribes of Europe? Consider that the Anglo/Saxon/Aryan Peoples have been subjected to mindwarping oppression by the kings and priests for centuries more than other tribes. Now, in the British Occupation Zone of the Americas they are fed the fantasy that they are free.

But as Goethe said "No one is so enslaved as those that falsely believe they are free." The concept of real personal freedom is a very distant ancestral memory. Can we help awaken it, and in the process gain an ally in the struggle?

When 'well meaning' missionaries, infected with the supremacist 'white knight' syndrome came to the Aboriginals in AU, they were met with a message from Lilla Watson and others:

"If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.”

The earliest records indicate the Europeans found Utopia here in the Americas:

"A life lived free of toil and tyranny, free of masters, free of greed and the struggle for gain, became so much the key picture presented by the first historian of the New World, Peter Martyr of Anghiera, that his English translator summed it up in the repeated word 'liberty'. Their "aunciente libertie" (says this translator, Richard Eden, writing in the 1550s) had made the New World people "most happye of all men." They were living in the golden age, wrote Peter Martyr (and explained Richard Eden, "of whiche owlde wryters speake so much: wherin men lyved simply and innocentlye") without even weights and measures to cause disputes, free of lawsuits and law enforcement, free of calumniating judges and the resultant learned professions of craft and deceit, free of books, free of the pernicious presence of deadly money, content only to satisfy nature -- and, added Richard Eden to his translation, incapable of servitude, having "been ever soo used to live at libertie, in play and pastyme." [p.6]

"Among the people there, he wrote, "Myne and Thyne (the seedes of all myscheefe) have no place . . ." (In his origin Latin, "necque meum aut tuum, malorum omnie semina . . .") Land was held in common, as free to all as the sunlight or the sea, "in open gardens, not intrenched with dykes, dyvyded with hedges, or defended with waules. They deal trewely one with another, without lawes, without bookes, and without Judges." They lived without toil, he was informed, so bounteous was their fair country and so innocent their wants, in their "free kynde of life" that was "given to Idlenes and playe." [p.7]

"In his Journal entry for Christmas Day 1492, Columbus declared with some solemnity that in all the world "I do not believe there is a better people or a better country; they love their neighbors as themselves" and was moved to add that "they have the softest and gentlest speech in the world and are always laughing." [p.8]

Of the book 'Utopia' by Thomas More [1516], several historians have noted that the reports of the culture of the 'Indians' in the 'New World' contributed to the novel's concepts of equality, liberty and justice, especially perhaps the letters/reports of Amerigo Vespucci. "... passages speaking of American natives living together in perfect equality, each his own master, sharing everything in common, without private property, despising pearls and gold. Sydney Lee came many years ago to the even more single-track conclusion that 'Utopia' owed its "foundation" to the "letters of Amerigo Vespucci . . ." [p.9]

"The Spanish historian José de Acosta, writing in the 1580s after a number of years in the New World, chiefly Peru: "Surely the Greeks and the Romans, if they had known the Republics of the Mexicans and the Incas, would have greatly esteemed their laws and governments. We today only enter there by the sword, giving them no heed, no hearing, no more consideration than a venison in the forest . . . Men more profound and diligent, who have penetrated the secrets of their customs and their ancient government, have an entirely different opinion, and marvel at the order and reason that existed among them." [p.12]

"Geoffroy Atkinson, a specialist in the "geographical" literature of this period in France, cites a long list of French language works of the sixteenth century that dwell largely on the accepted "fact" that a land enjoying a real live Golden Age has been discovered in America. Great names joined this chorus of revelation, as in a little book in French based on a few pages from the famous cardinal Pietro Bembo's history of Venice, with a ring already familiar: the people of the isles of the New World "for the most part live a life of the age of gold, they don't know what it is to set up boundaries and distinguish possessions. They have no lawsuits, no law, no books of writing, no merchandise . . ." The same familiar ring was sounded in the works by one of the best-known mapmakers of the epoch, Jodocus Hondius: "The people of this Country are content with the bounty of nature, neither doe they know what belongs to mine, or thine, or money, but have all things in common, even as nature bestoweth the light of the Sunne and the water on all men equally; therefore their Gardens are open and unfenced, and nature teacheth them that which is right without lawes." ... typical is Jean Macer, summing up the New World: "Those who live there exceed and excel all other peoples in kindness, warmth and humanity . . . For it is unheard of that anyone is ever in any way ill-treated among them ..." [p.12-13]

"The new idea of total liberty retained a leading place in these accounts. Léry, from personal observation: ". . . they have neither kings nor princes, and consequently each is more or less as much a great lord as the other." Macer, drawing conclusions from what he had heard and read: "They do not recognize a King or any superior, and will not subject themselves to the orders of anyone. Each is a King, master and Lord." [p.13]

No more bosses!

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