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Boreal Forest Network does not support Canadian Boreal Agreement

by Susanne McCrea

The Boreal Forest Network
The Boreal Forest Network

the Boreal Forest Network and Boreal Action Do Not Support New “Canadian National Boreal Forest Agreement”

For Immediate Release - May 26, 2010

“This agreement is not transparent, does not include the involvement of governments, nor First Nations and the boreal forest is still at risk,” said Susanne McCrea, Executive Director of the Boreal Forest Network.

The agreement really does not protect woodland caribou, as it only defers logging and road construction in 72,205 ha over the next two years and not the supposed 29 million hectares that the signatories told the public, on May 18th.

The Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement, signed by Canadian forest products companies and several prominent environmental groups, will make it more difficult for ENGOs to effectively campaign against large scale resource extraction by the Canadian forest industry and sidelines Indigenous Peoples rights to plan, manage and control activates on their traditional territories.

A leaked copy of the agreement can be found at:

The groups who signed the agreement are: The Canadian Boreal Initiative, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Canopy, David Suzuki Foundation, ForestEthics, Greenpeace, The Nature Conservancy, Pew Environment Group International Boreal Conservation Campaign, and Ivey Foundation

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Canadian Boreal Initiative & Ilk

Since when do corporate tax-dodge foundation control mechanisms sit on boards to decide the fate of Canadian forests? Canopy is an urban forest stand tending business and has no relevance to the boreal forest except that like ForestEthics, it is headed by a perenninally foundation-funded individual who represent only themselves and not the people of this province. The Suzuki Foundation is a wing of the elitist neocon BC Liberal party. Greenpeace is a corrupt old hag and CPAWS has always routinely signed onto any previous corporate forest "protection" plan. In fact, it is the only time one ever hears about them.

The Canadian Boreal Initiative is ruled by the Boreal Leadership Council which includes some of the aforementioned along with the largest developer of the Tar Sands and source of all that yummy Pew Foundation money - Suncor:

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