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The protest will take place this coming Tuesday, March the 22nd, from 5:00 p.m. in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery, to raise our repudiation and rejection to the presence of the head of U.S imperialism in Chile and Latin America.



The Collective in Repudiation to the Presence of Obama in Chile and Latin America calls upon the Canadian people, the Latin American organizations and the Chilean community in Vancouver and throughout Canada, to participate in an act of repudiation to the presence of the head of U.S. Yankee imperialism in Chile and Latin America, in his inspection of colonies.

The protest will take place this coming March the 21st at Noon in front of the Chilean Consulate in Vancouver which is located at 1250-1185 West Georgia Street, where a delegation will deliver a proclamation of repudiation to the representing Consul in our city of the right wing, Yankee lackey government of Sebastian Piñera. We will also meet the following day, Tuesday the 22nd, from 5:00 p.m. in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery, to raise our repudiation and rejection to the presence of the head of U.S imperialism in Chile and Latin America.

The State Department of the Yankee State as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Piñera government in Chile, have maintained in absolute mystery the exact date in which the head of the Yankee imperialism will step on Chilean ground and will inspect his colony; they have only limited themselves to announce that his visit will take place in the week of the 21st of March. We are clear that this speaks to their fear of manifestations in repudiation that will surely take place. This is just an ill-fated attempt to make it more difficult to organize and it is an attempt to demobilize the people.

In order to ensure the success of our rejection to imperialism and to the presence of Obama in Chile and Latin America, we declare the following:

The triumph of Barack Obama represented a hope of change for the people of the United States of North America and it also lodged expectations in Latin America on a possible modification of the Empire policies towards the region. Unfortunately, none of those expectations or any change on the Imperial policy in the region and the world have been fulfilled.

The economic, financial, military and industrial power prevails as the unique logic in the imperial war-making policy, in its military occupation, as it is expressed in Iraq and Afghanistan and on the EE.UU. support to dictatorial regimes like deposed Egyptian President Hosni Mubarack and to the Israeli government in its systematic aggression of the Palestinian people.

The presence of the IV Fleet and of military bases with high EE.UU. participation has intensified in our America. The brutal blockade to Cuba has been kept without variation in spite of the forceful world-wide condemnation.

The unacceptable interference of the government of the USA in the internal and sovereign affairs of Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala and Colombia continues as well as in our country (Chile), the region and the world, as it has been unequivocally documented thanks to Wikileaks. Under the pretense of the promotion of democracy; the governmental agencies of that country finance undemocratic right-wing institutions which aim is to prevent the advance of social transformation processes and of the Bolivarian integration particularly promoted by Presidents Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales, Rafael Correa and Daniel Ortega.

In our country (Chile) no serious and informed balance has been made on the damage, on the negative impact caused to our economic, political, social and cultural sovereignty and to the human rights of the population as a result of the Free Trade Agreement subscribed between Chile and the United States of America. There is no will of cooperation by the USA to establish the true participation of governmental agencies of that country in the coup d'état that culminated with the death of the Chilean President, Salvador Allende. And more recently against the denunciation of the former senator Carmen Frei with respect to the agents of that country who provided chemical substances to members of Pinochet's military dictatorship which would have been used in the murder of former Chilean President Eduardo Frei Montalva.

With the visit of President Barak Obama to Chile in the week of the 21st to the 25th of March the EE.UU. government announces that Obama will present his proposal to the region and will subscribe a series of bilateral agreements among which they emphasize the nuclear and energy cooperation. The Chilean Armed Forces have shown an extreme interest in the use of nuclear energy with military aims. Nothing good can come out from these announcements and agreements for Chile and for the Bolivarian and sovereign integration of Latin America and the Caribbean, as this is preceded by the current imperial political direction towards the region which has not only not been modified but with this visit will be deepened.

We make the United States imperialism responsible and we reiterate that:

1.- The United States government have responsibility in the murder of two Presidents of Chile, Salvador Allende and Eduardo Frei, one assassinated in the bombings of the Government Palace (La Moneda) and the other massacred and poisoned in a clinic of the high bourgeoisie in Santiago of Chile.

2.- We make the government of the EE.UU responsible of having had participation in all the crimes and tortures in Chile, in the cases of disappearances of political, social and union opponents. In the secret services of Pinochet, DINA-CNI, agents of the CIA, such as Michael Vernon Townley participated as well as members of other secret services of repression of the EE.UU

3.- We make the government of the EE.UU responsible of being part of the Terrorist Operation Condor and of having had responsibility, in the terrorist attacks of the DINA-CNI. The terrorist murder of the former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Chilean ambassador Orlando Letelier and of his North American secretary Ronni Moffit which was executed only two blocks away from the White House. The terrorist attack with criminal aims in Italy of Bernardo Leyton and his wife, who suffered until their death from the wounds caused by the terrorist attack of the DINA-CN. Of the death due to a terrorist attack of Former--Commander in Chief of the Chilean Army, Carlos Prat and his wife in Argentina at the hands of the DINA-CNI, of Pinochet.

4.- We make the government of the EE.UU. responsible for sustaining the dictatorship with the economic, banking and private enterprise support and the disastrous advise of the Chicagos Boys to all the Chilean Chicagos Boys”. This policy and aid created hunger and poverty, unemployment and marginalization to the present times in the Chile of the Pinochetistas of the industralists, the bureaucrats and the new rich of the last 35 years.

5.- We make the government of the EE.UU. and it's CIA agent Michael Vernon Townley, a CIA agent and operations officer of the Chilean National Intelligence Direction, that ended being incarcerated (April 8, 1978) and confessed in court of having contracted a quintet of Cuban exiles: Alvin Ross Diaz, Guillermo and Ignacio Novo Sampoll, Jose Dionisio Suárez Esquivel and Virgilio Paz Romero ", of having participated in the murder of Letelier, in all the terrorist acts of the Operation Condor, of carrying out hunts in Mexico and several countries of the world, reasons for which he crossed the Bravo River and lived for more than 20 years without papers in the EE.UU., in the entrails of the monster as stated by Jose Martí.

6.- We make the current government of industrialists and Piñera supporters - pro-Pinochet, to the present pro-Pinochet Armed Forces, infiltrated throughout by agents of the old DINA-CNI at their High and Middle Command, involved in all these long history and nights of terror, responsible for all those who were thrown in the ocean, for all those buried and exhumed from Patio 29 and from the clandestine cemeteries of the Pinochet era. All this horror is known by the CIA, it is also known by Piñera as well as by the current president of the EE.UU. In the week of the 21st to the 25th of March President Barack Obama will visit Chile and as this president did not study history, he does not have memory; he does not like to speak about the slavery, neither of racism nor discrimination which the Africans brought to the EE.UU. and the Afro-Americans endured. He does not talk about Vietnam nor of the Bay of Pigs (Playa Girón), he will not want to speak of these responsibilities of the EE.UU., not even will he apologize to us for the many massacres, tortures and disappearances, when today they do the same in Guantánamo, in the immigration jails and concentration camps.

Today the EE.UU government also tortures and commits massacres, bombs the civil population in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and widely uses torture in secret jails around the world, in the military bases, in ships and in puppet countries such as Colombia, Chile, Peru and others.

The Chilean, Brazilian and Salvadorian people will know how to shake up Obama's memory and to show the his true face and that of EE.UU. imperialism, of its wars, interventions and crimes against humanity. They invaded Iraq, they massacred and tortured over a million human beings and continue to play dumb, refusing to withdraw their troops and to close the concentration and torture camp of Guantánamo. Obama turned out to be a dishonest hawker and a liar.


We must make public our firm manifestation of repudiation to the presence of the head of Yankee imperialism in Chile and other Latin American countries. Let the dignity of the Chilean people and of our decision to free us from the imperialistic yoke be felt. Let us take the destiny of our peoples in our own hands. For these reasons the COLLECTIVE IN REPUDIATION TO the PRESENCE OF OBAMA IN CHILE and LATIN AMAERICA calls to express locally and nationally the popular repudiation to the presence of President Barack Hussein Obama in Chile.

We call to express this repudiation, in an active, organized and mobilized way.

For further information call: 778 728-5847 or 604 563-4573




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