2010 Heart Attack

A Report on 2010 Heart Attack

2010 Heart Attack: Vancouver Olympics Opening Day
By Scott Harris| February 14, 2010, Council of Canadians Blog

Is this violence?

Is this Violence?: Protestors take to the streets as the city has a Heart

By Eve Belle Wilensky
February 14, 2010

In defense of Black Bloc: Communique

In defense of the black bloc:  A communique from Olympic resisters

February 14th, 2010 – Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories

On February 12th and 13th, 2010, thousands of courageous individuals came
together to resist the 2010 Olympic police state and to attack the

Native Elder Defends Black Bloc

[Stella August is a 64 year old Indigenous Elder and a well-known DTES
residents and activist with the Downtown Eastside Power of Women Group]

Power of Women Group defends protesters
Dan Burritt

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