5 Royal Bank of Canada outlets vandalized in Ottawa

5 Royal Bank of Canada outlets vandalized in Ottawa

For Immediate Release, Ottawa, Dec. 8, 2009

No Olympics On Stolen Native Land!

Starting February 12 the winter Olympics will take place in occupied
British Colombia.

To date most Indigenous Nations in British Colombia haven’t entered into
treaties with the British Crown or the Canadian government. This means
that, according to International Law, most of British Colombia is
illegally occupied by the Canadian state.

The history of corporate profiteering from the theft of Indigenous lands
and the genocide of Indigenous Peoples is a long one. It is inextricably
linked with the colonization of Turtle Island (North America), and, in
fact, of the vast majority of the globe. A perfect example of this
profiteering from colonization is the Hudson’s Bay Company, with its
history as one of the main agents of colonization in British Colombia and
its sponsorship of the 2010 Olympics. The Olympics are being used to the
ongoing colonization further step by step; for example, the destruction of
sacred mountain environments for the profit of various corporations and
the pleasure of skiers and tourists.

The Royal Bank of Canada is also a sponsor of the 2010 Olympics.

We say fuck RBC. Due to their sponsorship of the Olympics, and the fact
that they are generally heinous, we vandalized 5 RBCs in Ottawa, smashing
one of their branches windows in the early morning.

RBCs in Ottawa have been repeatedly targeted with property damage, and we
felt that we should also do our bit.

We know that this action is just a drop in the bucket, but we also know
that enough drops will fill that bucket up!

So let’s get to it folks!

Soonest begun, soonest done.

The ‘damage to property is violent’ collective.