Anti-Olympic Solidarity Action in Santa Cruz, CA

Anti-Olympic Solidarity Action in Santa Cruz, CA
Anti-Olympic Attack
by Warrior Solidarity
Tuesday Feb 16th, 2010 12:41 PM

February 14, Ohlone territory [Santa Cruz, California]. 2 windows smashed at Marine Corps recruiting office in Capitola.

From the “looters” of Haiti and New Orleans, to the embattled indigenous communities of socialist Venezuela as well as imperialist Colombia, to the insurgent “civilian” populations of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Mexico: everyone knows that the militaries of every nation-state are the guardians of the global capitalist order. Therefore we have attacked the local cannon fodder factory, that destroyer of countless young lives.

Canada, Mexico and the U.S. formed the Security and Prosperity Partnership in 2005 as a police and border counterpart to NAFTA; not coincidentally the borders facilitate the rampage of capital but restrict the movement of proletarians. The U.S. military and FBI are also on stand-by to intervene in upheavals that might arise during the Vancouver Olympics happening right now. It is to warriors in the Coast Salish territories that we extend our active solidarity, and also a comradely reminder that our greatest strength is in an uncontrollable of sabotage of all components and infrastructure of the system, not just trying to shatter the Spectacle or going toe-to-toe with the riot cops. And to revolutionaries across Turtle Island, we send out the call to make of the Olympics an example of our decentralized revolt, and of the Security and Prosperity Partnership an utter mockery.