Native Elder Defends Black Bloc

[Stella August is a 64 year old Indigenous Elder and a well-known DTES
residents and activist with the Downtown Eastside Power of Women Group]

Power of Women Group defends protesters
Dan Burritt

A speaker at a housing rally in downtown Vancouver Saturday said
protesters who smashed store windows during a violent march last Saturday
are not bad people.

Stella August of the Power of Women Group defended the masked vandals who
cracked windows at The Bay and the TD building.

"They're angry because of the rich people bringing the Olympics into our
country when it wasn't needed. It wasn't needed here. Those kids were not
bad. They were only angry because of what they bring to our country - big
time poverty," said August.

Earlier this week, Vancouver police arrested two men. One is charged with
mischief related to Saturday's vandalism. Another is charged with
allegedly assaulting two reporters during a rally last Sunday.

Chief Jim Chu said some of the vandals hid within the ranks of legitimate