Seattle Anti-Olympic Solidrity Action, Feb 12, 2010

Anti-2010 Solidarity: Disruption On Pioneer Square

Up in front of the stage with our banner for the whole world to see. Breaking the spell.

Last Friday (Feb. 12), Pioneer Square was the scene of a public spectacle celebrating the 2010 Winter Olympics [featuring Governor kulongoski & Mayor Potter speaking in celebration of the corporate circus]. Not many people showed up to partake in the “festivities,” but the local corporate media zombies were out there hyping the olympics and cheering on the corporate transgressions against the Native People and living Land of the Coast-Salish Territories, currently illegally occupied by the government of Canada.

The live-television broadcasts were stormed by the small number of determined protesters a number of times, resulting in hilarious displays of ineffectual hostility from one crew of corporate media mind-washers and a retreat to shelter on the part of the camera crews and over-paid windbags attempting to cover the event live on the scene.

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