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SFU Board nailed on Goldcorp dirty money

by murray bush - flux photo

SFU Board of Governors flees meeting amid noisy intervention
SFU undergrad Peter Driftmier voices his opposition to Goldcorp
SFU English Dept. prof Steve Collis reads one of his open poems to Goldcorp
On the march to confront the SFU Board of Governors
Marching from SFU Harbourside to the Board meeting
Heading to the Board of Governor's meeting with a message
Honduran activist Oliver Hernan Valladares
Inside the SFU business building during the BoG meeting
The mumbling poets have their say

VANCOUVER - More than 100 activists and students showed up outside a Simon Fraser University Board of Governors meeting ìn downtown Vancouver today to protest the university`s involvement with notorious human rights abuser Goldcop.

The Canadian mining company has donated millions of dollars to SFU in exchange for the name  Goldcorp Centre for The Arts. Students against the donation called on the BoG to hear the community's concerns about  Goldcorp. SFU Against Goldcorp and Gentrification has repeatedly asked for Board accountability on taking Gordcorp`s `dirty money` but the Board insists the issue is closed for discussion.

Protesters passed signed leaflets on Goldcorp`s human rights record through the locked doors of the Board`s meeting room. The members of the Board broke up their meeting and left the building amid calls from the crowd to listen to their concerns.  

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Beautiful photos, they really

Beautiful photos, they really capture the great energy that was out there today. I think I like Goldcop the best...


just a correction

hey! great pictures!

the pic of me and christine leclerc captions us as 'organizers'. Christine organized the Mutterance (not the demo itself) and I was just a participant. Just a clarification. the organizers of this event deserve to take all the credit for it, not a couple of poets running around with goofy grins. ;P

that was a great demo! thanks to SAGG and everyone who put so much work into planning it.

chrs - n


great work everyone, good to see so many familiar faces! nice pics Murray, great job :)

Hhhhmmmmm this reminds me of

Hhhhmmmmm this reminds me of something... oh yeah...


I think I remember watching TVO recently where Steve Pakin was falling over himself in discussion with Janice Stein about  the "MUNK Institute" @ Trinity College in the University of Toronto is a recognized leader in interdisciplinary academic research on global issues that integrates research with teaching and public education.

The Munk Centre for International Studies was opened in 2000. The Centre is named after Canadian business man and philanthropist Peter Munk, who made a $6.4 million donation to finance the construction.

It was renamed the Munk School for Global Affairs on April 13, 2010 when Peter Munk and his wife made a $35 million donation. According to the University of Toronto..



during Toronto's G20 meeting

Many of the undergraduate students are being relocated to 89 Chestnut, which is in reality, closer to the fenced area in downtown Toronto than their current residences. While food services across campus will be closed, the Faculty Club will continue operating to feed "ancillary staff" throughout the closure. Graduate students have been provided specific instructions on access to their labs and a University spokesperson confirmed that the G8 Research Group at the Munk School of Global Affairs will remain open throughout the summits. These discrepancies have led many in the campus community to question what is really happening at U of T and to its purpose. And it has led to further speculation on whether students are being shut out to accommodate additional security forces for the G20 at University of Toronto. When asked, University administration representatives would not confirm or deny whether additional security was being housed in the residences.


Seven Steps to a Homeland Security Campus
Free speech zones. Taser guns. Hidden cameras. Blackwater and other private security contractors... College campuses join the Homeland Security state.

From Harvard to UCLA, the ivory tower is fast becoming the latest watchtower in Fortress America. The terror warriors, having turned their attention to "violent radicalization and homegrown terrorism" -- as it was recently dubbed in a House of Representatives bill of the same name -- have set out to reconquer that traditional hotbed of radicalization, the university.

Building a homeland-security campus and bringing the university to heel is a seven-step mission:

1. Target dissidents: As the warfare state has triggered dissent, the campus has increasingly become a target gallery -- with student protesters in the crosshairs. The government's number one target? Peace and justice organizations....


Read more..

But wait, there's more: DHS has founded and funded six of its very own "Centers of Excellence," research facilities that span dozens of universities from coast to coast. The latest is a Center of Excellence for the Study of Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism, the funding for which cleared the House in October. The Center is mandated to assist a National Commission in combating those "adopting or promoting an extremist belief system... to advance political, religious or social change."


Imagine the coincidence of both Toronto U & Simon Fraser U both recieving " gifts" from major mining corporations...

that fits " hand in glove" with the USA's Homeland Security proposed ideal "Centres of Excellence" as passed in the House of Reps to COMBAT THOSE "ADOPTING OR PROMOTING ..TO ADVANCE POLITICAL,..OR SOCIAL CHANGE.

Hhhhhmmmm, so strange eh CANADIANS??

Once more let me remind you

Once more let me remind you what fascism is. It need not wear a brown shirt or a green shirt it may even wear a dress shirt.

Fascism begins the moment a ruling class, fearing the people may use their political democracy to gain economic democracy, begins to destroy political democracy in order to retain its power of exploitation and special privilege.


Threats to freedom of speech, writing and action, though often trivial in isolation, are cumulative in their effect and, unless checked, lead to a general disrespect for the rights of the citizen. ~George Orwell

Course this bearing repeating...
“Fascism in America won’t come with jackboots, book burnings, mass rallies, and fevered harangues, nor will it come with black helicopters or tanks on the street. It won’t come like a storm—but as a break in the weather, that sudden change of season you might feel when the wind shifts on an October evening: Everything is the same, but everything has changed. Something has gone, departed from the world, and a new reality will have taken its place. All the old forms will still be there: legislatures, elections, campaigns—plenty of bread and circuses. But “consent of the governed” will no longer apply; actual control of the state will have passed to a small and privileged group who rule for the benefit of their wealthy peers and corporate patrons.

To be sure, there will be factional conflicts among the elite, and a degree of debate will be permitted; but no one outside the privileged circle will be allowed to influence state policy. Dissidents will be marginalized—usually by “the people” themselves. Deprived of historical knowledge by a thoroughly impoverished educational system designed to produce complacent consumers, left ignorant of current events by a corporate media devoted solely to profit, many will internalize the force-fed values of the ruling elite, and act accordingly. There will be little need for overt methods of control.

The rulers will act in secret, for reasons of “national security,” and the people will not be permitted to know what goes on in their name....In time, this will be seen as “normal,” as the chill of autumn feels normal when summer is gone. It will all seem normal.”

— November 10, 2001
Moscow Times (English Edition)

"And it seems to me perfectly in the cards that there will be within the next generation or so a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing … a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda, brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods."
-- Aldous Huxley, 1959
I might add: IPODS, LATTES, Reality TV, SUV's, APPS...sigh


. I am outraged by the human rights violations that have occurred in the department of San Marcos in Goldcorp’s efforts to push the Marlin mine project forward against the will of the people and despite a clear lack of respect for the rights of indigenous peoples in Guatemala on part of the Guatemalan government. I am aware that, according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the ILO’s Covenant 169, the Guatemalan Constitution and municipal law in San Marcos, the indigenous peoples of Guatemala have the right to withhold their prior informed consent for any mega-development project affecting their lands through a community referendum. I demand that all mining activity in Sipakapa and San Miguel Ixtahuacan be halted until this right is respected. I demand that Goldcorp cease all mining operations in Guatemala where communities have democratically rejected such harmful and destructive mining activity. I also demand that Goldcorp halt the criminalization and persecution of community leaders that have defended the rights and life of their communities. Thank you.




Goldcorp Inc. Head Office: (604) 696-3000

Toronto Office: (416) 865-0326

Call Goldcorp’s Board 1(866)696-3055

Community & Indigenous Resistance to Harmful Gold Mining



  • Canadian government is pressuring the new Honduran government following the coup to open its arms more widely to the investments of Canadian mining companies
  • The current prime minister of Canada is a big friend of the mining companies
  • With the opening of new investments in mining, we are facing a new form of colonization
  • 90 mining concessions in 80 counties (in Honduras) are owned by Canadian mining companies
  • Canadian Pension Plan has $500 million dollars invested in Goldcorp Inc.
  • Our problems are your problems … we have the moral and ethical obligations to fight for the dignity of people, therefore we should unite ourselves
  • Public funds from Canada are going towards companies that are damaging human rights, are violating the fundamental right, that is right to life, for instance, in Guatemala
  • Near Marlin mine in Guatemala 120 homes have been damaged because of the effects of explosion used to blast the rocks out of the pit, 80 streams have dried out, the river below the mine is contaminated …
  • When a mining company arrives, it often creates conflict, divides communities, tears apart the social fabrics that tie people together
  • Over 1 million people in 42 different communities across the country (Guatemala) don’t want mining in their territories
  • In the area of Marlin mine (Guatemala), 24 communities have sent a clear message that they don’t want the activities of Goldcorp to continue
  • The ILO (International Labour Organization) said all mining operations in Guatemala should be suspended because the mining companies have violated the right to free, prior, informed consent of Indigenous communities.

What to do:

Write to Canadian Pension Plan, one of Goldcorp’s investors, to stop investing in Goldcrop and REALLY exercise socially responsible investing:

Canada Pension Plan
John H Butler, 416 868-1171, One Queen St. East, Suite 2600, Toronto ON, M5C-2W5 — $349,000,000 of shares in Goldcorp as of March 2010
CANADA PENSION PLAN Investment Board:, 416-868-4075, Toll Free: 1-866-557-9510;
Manuel Pedrosa, Communications and Stakeholder Relations, 416-868-4682,

New to here

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NATO takes over command of military operations in Libya

[b]NATO is taking over command of military operations in Libya from coalition forces, world media reported Sunday.[/b]

The UN Security Council imposed the no-fly zone over Libya on March 17, along with ordering "all necessary measures" to protect civilians from Muammar Gaddafi's attacks on rebel-held towns.

The 28 NATO ambassadors met on Sunday to decide on further military plans in Libya.

The United States transfers command for a no-fly zone over Libya to NATO, while coalition forces will continue to protect civilian population from attacks by Gaddafi forces.

The military operation in Libya, codenamed Odyssey Dawn, has been conducted so far jointly by 13 states, including the United States, Britain and France.

NATO members decided on Thursday to assume responsibility for the enforcement of a no-fly zone in Libya, but could not agree on taking full command of all military operations in the country.

Meanwhile, leaders of the 27 European Union states on Thursday issued a statement saying the EU stood ready to assist in building a new Libya "in cooperation with the United Nations, the Arab League, the African Union and others."

MOSCOW, March 27 (RIA Novosti)

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