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Tent Village arrests

by murray bush- flux photo

Solidarity with arrested activists
Solidarity with arrested activists
Vigil for the arrestees
Vigil for the arrestees
Serving and protecting underground parking
Arrests at the Olympic Village
Arrestees inside send a message
Damage to private property by the long arm of the law
Someday it will be the police who are homeless

TENT VILLAGE - Eleven housing activists were arrested Saturday night after occupying space in an Olympic Athletes Village condo complex. The move came after a day of trying to set up a tent village to demand promised social housing.

The two-hour occupation of an unrented retail space by 12 activists followed a developer's injunction that had about 200 tent villagers and supporters (see earlier story) removed from a nearby empty building lot.  One activist was released without charges at the scene.  

All eleven activists taken into custody were released late in the evening without charges.



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Fuck the police!

Yea.........such sheople  - the police.

Quite mindless and following orders from their masters. Question nothing.

How sad and FUCK THEM!

Real Reporting

A Google News search on "tent city vancouver" at 1:00 am on Sunday Feb 27 gets a piece of afternoon junk that the Province posted 26 minutes ago. So flip over to VMC and here is an up to date report on outcome. Way to go, Murray. So timely. Die, MSM, die!


What Joe said...

Very good coverage. I was

Very good coverage. I was there and I learned more about what went on from these articles and photos than I even saw happening.  Homes not highways.  


All due to great communications with Grant, Peter, Nathan and Stan.

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