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Transit Police Feeling Oppressed

Transit Police Feeling Oppressed

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With the 170 million dollar installment of the fare gates, the Transit Police's ridiculously above average wage and a $27 million dollar annual budget, you would think they would be in high spirits and excited to criminalize the poor by handing out tickets and hassling riders? Nope, these bastards are complaining about their morale slipping because of "negative" reports by the mainstream media.

“Morale is ebbing because of ongoing negative media coverage,” said Sgt. Ian Whittington, a union member who addressed a regular meeting of the Transit Police Board.

“It’s causing us grief, especially at the junior officer levels. It seems we can’t get ahead,” said Whittington, a longtime policeman who has served on five different law enforcement agencies.

It's causing you grief? Your oppressive and utterly repulsive police force causes thousands of people grief on a daily basis and you have the audacity to say your officers morale is slipping. Wait, didn’t it just come out that you left a bomb on a plane? Imagine the grief that you could have caused those passenger's friends and families, if something were to happen them. It doesn’t stop there, he goes on to complain about having to deal with habitual criminals. Those "habitual criminals" are fare evaders. Yea, they really do think poor people are scum.

One of the news stories hurting their morale is the two transit cops that were charged with assault when they when pepper-sprayed a man at a Vancouver SkyTrain station earlier in 2012.

Excerpt by CBC article:

"The 27-year-old man was sitting on some steps leading to the Granville station in the early evening of Feb. 9 when he was approached by the officers.

The officers had been asked to check on the welfare of a man in distress who matched the description of the man sitting on the steps.

It's alleged the officers physically assaulted and pepper-sprayed the man as he tried to walk away."

Another story taking the police for a ride along is the now surfacing incidents on two officers, Brian Lawson and Ken Jansen. Lawson has been charged with assaulting another police officer. Jansen faces expulsion from the force:

Excerpt from CBC article

"Feb. 12 Jansen was found by Transit Police’s disciplinary authority to have used excessive force and deceit, and was guilty of discreditable conduct.

He faces assault charges in the same incident, which occurred at Surrey Memorial Hospital in April, 2010. In that case, the alleged victim was a 73-year-old patient.

It goes to trial on Monday; an RCMP officer is also charged with a tasering-related offence in that case.

Regardless of the trial’s outcome, Drennan said Jansen faces disciplinary penalties up to and including dismissal."

Transit Police spokeswoman Anne Drennan stated, "The cases from the past are now being dealt with. “Transit Police officers are accountable. This should indicate that’s the case.”

So far his disciplinary action has been suspension with FULL PAY since Sept 28, 2010. His salary is not disclosed but Taxpayers Federation says the average cops salary in 2011 was almost $98,000. In other words, he assaulted a 73 year old patient and gets to go on paid vacation. Anne you are a joke and your Transit Police's life resembles that of a sewer and the stench of slaughter house.

The penalty will ultimately be determined by "Police Complaint Commissioner". If your unaware the commission is just a bunch of ex- cops (See Link Below)

Lawson, meanwhile, was on sick leave at the time of the incident in the 500-block 7th Street on Sept. 12, 2012. He has since resigned from the force and ran away to Ireland.

Metro Vancouver mayors voted on Wednesday to probe the budget of the Transit Police. I highly doubt it will uncover anything surprising about this fascist gang of thugs. The mayors are just talking about replace these thugs with rent a cop security guard thugs. Oh, government your no better.

So if you see a transit cop, go up to them give them a big hug. It will then will result in getting pepper spayed, beaten and charged with assault on a police officer. Or you can go the realistic way and ignore them, leave hurtful letters on their dashboards, make fun of their job or just flip em' off. With enough people they will probably complain about getting bullied like Vancouver Police Department did during the Casserole solidarity demonstrations with the student strike out east. I hope this further sinks your morale of current and future officers and I look forward to your department going into a downward spiral of nothingness.


Police Commission

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I spit on their cars all the

I spit on their cars all the time but it's true, the rare occasion that I pay to ride the skytrain, I should probably use the opportunity to hurl abuse at these third-rate rent-a-pigs in hopes that they'll hit the bottle just a bit harder when they get off work that day.


Thanks for the comment. I

Thanks for the comment. I could not argree with you more.

All Cops Are Bastards

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