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Bird's eyeview of torch disruption at Vancouver's Downtown East Side

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Bird's eyeview of torch disruption at Vancouver's Downtown East Side

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 AWESOME job to anti-O

 AWESOME job to anti-O protesters!

thank you! they aren't

thank you!

they aren't showing any of this on TV!

resistance seems pretty passive to me

i support your cause but fail to understand why ya'all are so passive... you vastly outnumbered the cops in this case and with the tiniest bit of coordination and planning could have really locked down that block and forced the torch out of the area entirely. 

lesson for kk

all this means to me, coming from from a guy that was busy on feb 12 taking photos like this... that he wanted to make a name for himself shooting pictures of folks getting beat by the cops.


Cowardly Canucks!

I agree. Canadian's are disgustingly cowardly. This would have a total shit-show anywhere else in the world. Canadians don't really get how dissent works. There's no history of revolution there, and people are VERY passive and complacent and apathetic. At least these folks were in the streets though. There should have been hundreds of thousands out, considering.

Good coordination in blocking

Good coordination in blocking the touch route. Too bad so many families, school children and veterans were denied their rights.  

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