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Weekend Roundup of Olympic Resistance

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A historic mobilization in Vancouver against the 2010 Winter Olympics has pushed back hard against the International Olympic Committee and the six billion dollar sporting event. People of all political persuasions joined together to reject the Olympic industry, holding conferences, marches, and carrying out direct action aimed at undermining the image of the Olympics - an image which critics say obscures the negative social and environmental impacts the Games bring with them. The primary slogan of the resistance movement is "no Olympics on Stolen Native Land," referring to the immoral and illegal occupation of indigenous lands by settlers.

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youtube link down

ouch.. heavy handed IOC censorship blocks VMC video on youtube


a little confused -- i understand why the bay was attacked.  but why TD bank?  i get that all banks are evil and capitalist or whatever, but RBC is the official bank of the olympics.  i'm not personally in favour of this sort of direct action anyway, but wouldn't it help the cause to be consistent about the businesses being defaced?

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