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Olympic Tent Village in DTES

2010 Olympics

See video

Residents of a neighbourhood in Vancouver that is often referred as the countrys poorest postal code set up a tent encampment in a vacant Downtown Eastside lot to advocate for housing and to shelter the neighbourhoods homeless population.

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Excellent video

This goes for all the amazing videos that the VMC has been cranking out, but this one in particular was impressive for the complete and vivid overview it gives of the action it records. Props to VMC Video!

Little Mountain

There is a lot of space next to Queen Elizabeth park in the ruins of what was BC Housing Little Mountain. That should be used for housing but the city bulldozed it just before the Olympics for PR purposes.

That's a primo lot

I recognize that lot. That is one EXPENSIVE piece of property, and isn't it privately owned? I say put the tent city a little further east.

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