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A Better Wold Is Possible / Tzeporah Berman-Ben West / Defend Our Climate Rally Van. BC

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Sub Titled:  “Get It Right For Our Kids”. Author of the recently released book “This Crazy Time: Living Our Environmental Challenge” & former co-director of Greenpeace International's Global Climate and Energy Program, Executive Director and Co-founder of PowerUp Canada and Co-founder and Campaign Director of Forest Ethics: is seen here in front of a 5,000 crowd turn out for the Defend Our Climate Rally on Nov 16th 2013  In Vancouver BC.

Link to UN page showing Canada at the bottom of the countries on environmental protection.

Thanks for watching and for giving support by doing what you can to remind our government and corporations that our environment is simply not for sale.

Please visit one of the following locations and sign the petition to stop this spider web of toxic oil pipelines from spreading from coast to coast.  Petition sites:     /   /    /   Greenpeace;   /

USA Residents:     


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Tzeporah Berman

Ever hear of something called the 'Boreal Forest Agreement'? Sorry, don't  trust Tzeporah Berman as far as I can spit. And you shouldn't either. What forest ethics?

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