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KANONHSTATON ~ Six Nations/Caledonia 5th anniversary (today)

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Six Nations/Caledonia ~ February 28, 2011 is the 5th anniversary of [the reclamation of the] site, called Kanonhstaton "The Protected Place". Negotiations between the federal and provincial government have ceased entirely. There is no resolution in sight...

The video was posted on youtube by Sireena.

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Thank you.....

Thank you Sandra for posting this important anniversary. The struggles continue for indigenous rights, not only in Canaduh, but around the world.

As I posted last night to the local activists in Vancouver: "Nothing worth having does not come without a fight, and is kept with eternal vigilance".

No longer believing I am an island and that we are not all connected.

Solidarity is not just another word - living that!

All my relations/Namaste

Tami Starlight (Cree warrior & anti oppression activist) VMC Editorial Collective & Femininja

Thanks for the reminder!

And the battle rages on ...

Thanks for reminding us

We lived next to Six Nations in 2006/7 and it is so wonderful to see all those faces, to see people standing strong together still holding the reclamation all these years later.   The  Haudenosaunee dignity and fierce determination to preserve traditional lands and ways of living is a constant source of inspiration.   Thank you for posting this video!


"not ready to make nice, not ready to back down" at the South Fraser Protection Camp, Delta (

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