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Shit Students CAN'T Say on Campus (About Israel)

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After "Shit Homophobes Say", the REAL crazy sh*t you CAN'T say on campus about Israel because of intimidation, censorship and legal threats. More info:

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I take acception with the

I take acception with the inclusion of Norman Finkelstein, as a rare liberal who is willing to point out the obvious Finklestein nonetheless believes recommiting to "human rights" and "international law" and "hope" will end Israel's violence.  Here is a critique of Finkelstein's liberalism

I do not have the energy at the moment to deal with responding to the misinformation Finkelstein provides to the American public to appease and deceive them at once, but what i can say is that Israeli Apartheid exists and it will not be solved by American Liberal values. 

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