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Take Back our Port / Councillor Jamie McEvoy

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Sub Titled: Peoples Government takes on Corporate Government.

Councillor Jamie McEvoy expresses his concerns about allowing the BC Coastline to become a shipping port along with the proposed exports of US coal to foreign interests. Selling toxic materials such as Coal and Asbestos to other parts of the world is simply not an acceptable standard for Canadians to be setting.

"Sustainability is action and awareness of the impact of our actions today on the health, environment and future on ourselves and generations to come globally. .

Environmental aspects of sustainability at the civic level include land use, transportation, air quality, water, waste management, energy conservation, and biodiversity.

Beyond those areas of jurisdiction is the elected official’s moral responsibility to the planet and universal well-being."

Well stated Mr. McEvoy ‘ KeepEmStraight ! 

Thanks for watching / Please visit the following sites for more information and to give support in protecting our health & environment.

Petition Site:

More info found here.

Link to UN page showing Canada at the bottom of the countries on environmental protection.

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Behind the ostensible

Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. /

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