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Tent City won't be silenced

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A rally with over 200 protestors marched from Pantages Theatre in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, to Olympic Village in False Creek. 

The rally was the kick-off to the Olympic Village Tent City 2011. The tent city had three demands:

1. Resident-controlled 100% social housing for ALL unsold units at the Olympic Village.

2. The purchase of a minimum 10 sites per year in the Downtown Eastside, and the creation of resident controlled 100% social housing on all those sites.

3. An END to the criminalization of poverty by immediately abolishing Project Civil City, overturning anti-street vending by-laws and all anti-poor discriminatory legislation and by raising welfare rates.


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Thanks a lot for the video!

Great footage :)

Nice job Steph!

So great!

Considering the weather and such.

Too bad I was not there. I was in Edmonton (oh joy) on court business fighting my oldest jerk brother.

It was only -35 regularly. When I left - that night (after I left - thankfully) it was -44c. WOWZA!

Looking forward to the next action and hopefully I will be MC. Whixh mean I will not be covering it.

Oh..and fuck the police!'

Great job as usual Stephanie!!! Tis an honor to work with you in the VMC girl

Keepin' it real.

Hugs / love

Tami Starlight - VMC femininja & editorial collective

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