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April 20/2011

Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Tami Starlight of the Vancouver Media Coop (VMC) interviews Megan Kinch of the Toronto Media Coop (TMC).

At the fantastic Linux Cafe. Location of the alternative media convergence during the G20 in Toronto last June 2010.

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Tami Starlight - VMC Editorial Collective & Video Femininja. 


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montreal media co-op delegate

montreal media co-op delegate sends her apologies for getting a damn flu and missing out.

love love love!


apology accepted

Awww.......that would have been stellar to have you both on the vid!

What a great idea!

Next time!



Hello Megan :)

Why doesn't the TMC follow the Toronto mining companies more closely, given the fact that it's the mining capital of the world? Wouldn't that make more sense than the G20 circus?

we've published several

we've published several articles recently on resistance to mining- I think the munk out banner drop article is still on the front page. My latest article on mining was in Mayday but I can see about having it cross-posted here. It's not about g20 vrs. mining but about covering as much as possible. In some ways it's seasonal though- lots of anti mining stuff coming up in the next month or so and i'm sure there will be a flurry of mining related articles.

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