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Lee Lakeman (Vancouver Rape Relief and Women Shelter) on Red Hot Video, the Wimmin's Fire Brigade and the struggle against pornography

by Média Recherche Action

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Lee Lakeman (Vancouver Rape Relief and Women Shelter) on Red Hot Video, the Wimmin's Fire Brigade and the struggle against pornography

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how can anyone post this and not THE WHOLE STORY OF VRR?


White washing on all levels by omitting important FACTS of Vancouver Rape Relief and their shitty abolitionist and anti trans policy promoted by such a person!

Now you know better!

Fucking solidarity is not just a cliche or convenient. tr


We know more Tami's point of view, but not so much more

«Now you know better!»

Seriously, what we know more from that comment is Tami's («Starlight») point of view for the people who was not knowing your point of view. I already heard all the «some trans people» discurse about Rape Relief and how they use the state to battle against this important organization. Why not working to organize yourselves more as trans instead of fighting some women's organization that have already to batttle to continue to exist ? You're talking about solidarity ? Solidarity with yourself and people like you ? I am not against that, but I am choosing personnaly to be more in solidarity with people fighting sexual exploitation as pornography and prostitution and who are working with women who are living very difficult situations.

You are talking about «white washing», I don't know if you are relating that with the «white culture», but I heard more solid indigenous feminists talking against prostitution and pornogaphy than for something that keep alive prostitution and pornography. I heard many white middle-class people talking against people fighting sexual exploitation, name as you said  «shitty abolitionist». So, «white washing» on which sense ?

All this said, this interview is not even talking really about Vancouver Rape Relief as an organization, but about the Wimmin's Fire Brigade attacks on Red Hot Video and the relation with the feminists of that time struggling against Red Hot Video and the porn industry in general.




Discuss on the main purpose of this report

We are totally agree with Communard.

To discredit political positions by using "bad words" and not an analysis - a critical consctructive demonstration - creates division and doesn't allow us to get out of our ignorance.

How this post answered to the arguments and statements said ​​here ?

Why diverting the subject ?

There's no space for discussion, questioning and openning on various views on the Wimmin's Fire Brigade. We no longer discuss the main purpose of this report, but the judgment of a single individual. Lee Lakeman's testimony is of great importance. Discuss on the main purpose of this report !

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