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First Nations Peoples History, Second Nations Peoples Should Know

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I would like to start a blog about history,

past  to present.


Especially from the perspective of  people,

 from the many different aboriginal  first nations.


Second Nation People with Non "American" aboriginal ancestory ,

are welcome to share thier own tribal culture if known?


my known aboriginal ancestors are from Scotland and Ireland.


The goal of this blog is to learn more about the negative effects colonization has had on First Nation Peoples.

And to educate Second Nations Peoples about these facts.


What facts do first nation people,

find important to inform second nation people?



Many second nation peoples are ignorant of the fact and impact ,

residential schools have had on ALL aboriginal people.


Noting any facts related to the topics is appreciated now and  for future discussion.


It would be better than good to have input,

from at least one or more people from every indigenous nation.


This is my first blog and any advice is always appreciated.


Asking questions, comparing  and correcting information,

for accuracy is encouraged.


Does anybody know the Mi'kmaq name for Prince Edward Island?



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Unceded Territory Vs Ceded Territory (Opinions Appreciated)


Unceded Vs Ceded


Unceded Territory

= No treaty Signed

= Permission Required from the First Nation Government Involved.

= No Pipeline, No Mining, No Fishing, No Farming, Etc...without First Nations Permission.


Ceded Territory

= Treaty Signed

= Permission Required from BOTH First Nations and Second Nations Government. (According to individual treaties signed)

=  No Pipeline, No Mining, No Fishing, No Farming, Etc... without BOTH First Nations and Second Nations Permission (According to individual treaties signed.)


(The above is my own interpretation,

correction is always appreciated.)


"The Royal Proclamation of 1763 decreed that First Nations should not be disturbed in their use and enjoyment of the land. It also declared that only the Crown could acquire land from First Nations, and only through treaty-making. The Royal Proclamation set the framework for negotiation based on co-operation rather than conquest.

Treaty making soon became the main mechanism for defining the relationship between First Nations and other Canadians.

However, the last of the historical treaties was signed in 1923. At that time, the federal government made it a criminal offence for a First Nation to hire a lawyer to pursue land claims settlements.

Consequently, treaties were never concluded with First Nations in some parts of Canada, including most of BC..."


(The above quote is from the Government of Canada website link)

Fact Sheet: British Columbia Treaty Negotiations









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