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Evidence Points Toward Election Fraud, Again

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Info disappearing from Elections Canada website and reports of pre-marked (for the Conservative candidate) ballots popping up in multiple provinces. Nothing new here, of course. Same as last time, and the time before that . . .

From Reddit

"Considering that we already have multiple allegations of CLEARLY marked Conservative ballots (and so far NO reports of any pre-marked Liberal or NDP ballots), and with their consistent track record of electoral fraud, we are likely looking at some sort of CPC play right now."
Enright told CBC News the occurrence is "extremely rare." He said that in the 30 years he has worked elections, he has only heard of it once or twice. 
"Frankly, it's even more rare for the ballot to end up in an elector's hand, because the poll officials are doing due diligence," he said.
Enright explained that poll workers are trained to count their ballots and look through them for anything suspicious, including markings, before they open up the polling station for the day.
"They are zooming through stuff and they try to catch those when they can," Enright said. "This one got away from them. They missed it."
We're up to 6 counts now pre-marked ballots, so what's six times "extremely rare"? And that’s just going on what's been talked about and spread by the corporate media. Every case in the Conservative candidate's part of the ballot. Once a single person reports a mark for another party's candidate, though, the media can easily drop the story as nothing of any real significance.
Here's a video where an Elections Canada rep. explains that the reason some poll information, the address and hours open, have disappeared from their website is because of high internet traffic.
He makes it clear that Elections Canada can't give you that info over the phone because they don't have information available to them to give out as to the address of the polling station.
The rep. also explains that a week ago all the information was accessible on the website, but just in the 24 hours irregularities have been occurring and Election Canada has been unable to address them in a timely manner.
"Normally it’s very easy to find the polling station ... the polling stations we've had some tricky times finding in the last 24 hours."
Let’s not forget the irony of Canada being so worried about fraud in ‘those’ countries as to always be sure to have observers on the ground and simultaneously displaying open hostility towards anyone from the international community looking into any situation inside of Canada.


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Taking much time in giving

Taking much time in giving the information of the polling location gives many bad thinking. If it happens strict measures must be taken. Hope to be good and positive results.

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