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vancouver, unceded coast salish territory

Athletes Village Tent City

Reclaim Housing! Stop the Sell-Off! Not One More Condo!

Saturday February 26 2011

Venue: South East False Creek
Cost: free

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[for info on the the rally that will launch the tent village check out Take Back the Villlage:]

The affordable housing component of the Athletes Village has been reduced from a planned 66% to less than 10%. The units promised to the poor and working poor remain empty and unsellable, and the city refuses to allow anyone but the richest to call them home. On February 17th, Bob Rennie and the City shamelessly relaunched their condo sales campaign at the Olympic Village for the third time, attempting yet again to sell-out promised social housing units.

If by February 26, 2011, promises at the Athlete’s Village remain broken, the community will establish a Tent City at the Athletes’ Village under a general call to “Reclaim Housing.” In the second week of the tent city, if the sell-off of promised units continues, residents of the tent village may expand the direct-action by occupying the empty units and/or City Hall.

The Tent City is a direct action and community effort to reclaim housing at the Olympic Villlage. At the same time, the City has been actively gentrifying the Downtown Eastside. The 10 Sites Campaign will fight to secure land for much need social housing in the neighbourhood.

We Demand:
1. Resident controlled 100% social housing for all unsold units at the Olympic Village.
2. The purchase of a minimum 10 sites per year, and the creation of resident controlled 100% social housing on all those sites.
3. Scrap Project Civil City and immediately stop the criminalization of poverty.

The Tent City begins Feb 26th and will need YOUR support and solidarity to keep going! We are relying on the determination of the community and the strength of our supporters to make this happen!

Join a growing number of groups who are endorsing the Feb 26th Olympic Village Tent City and our demands. Endorsements can be emailed to:

**We Need Stuff**
Please respond to us at, or call us at 604-440-9938 if you are able to donate any of the listed items and would like to arrange pick up/drop off:
- First Aid Kits
- Tarps
- Camping tents
- Large Outdoor Tents
- Blankets, foams, and sleeping bags (for homeless residents)
- Water
- Non perishable food items (granola bars, trail mixes, peanut butter, rice, beans, couscous etc)
- Walkie Talkies
- Bus tickets
- Cigarettes, rolling paper
- Firewood
- 2X4 Wooden Pallets
- Extension cords
- Flashlights
- Portable Generator Rentals

**Supporter Shifts/ Tenting Out**

*Site Guardians: If you or your organization, group of friends, or community network can commit to a six hour Site Guardians shift please let us know. It is critical that we ensure a high presence in the first 24 hours of the tent city as well as night time when we may be most vulnerable to law enforcement activity. A basic training session will be given for this. email: or call:(778)558-9121.

*Medics: If you or your friends have basic medic training, or are keen to learn and help in this capacity, please contact or call (604)558-9121

*Community Hosts: Host a workshop, community art project, performances, storytelling or poetry evening to facilitate the building of connection and community. Contact or call (604)762-5997 to contribute your creativity.

*Food: If your organization or community network can commit to preparing and/or serving a meal for Tent City residents, please let us know! Contact, or call (604)558-9121.

**Once the Tent City is up and public on Feb. 26th, we encourage you to please stop by.**

Or even better, come out to the launch of the Tent City and join us in "Take Back our Village", a Rally to support the 10 Sites Campaign and the reclaimation of housing at the Olympic Village. The rally starts on FEB 26th - NOON infront of Pantages Theatre (152 E Hastings, corner of Main and Hastings) in the Downtown Eastside, Vancouver, Unceded Coast Salish Territory

* email: phone:(604)700-2309
* facebook: "Olympic Village Tent City, Feb 2011"; rally: ''Take Back the Village'
* For info on the massive sell off of social housing at the Olympic Village check out:

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Even normal Canadians can't

Even normal Canadians can't even live in the Olympic Apartment, because it is too expensive and why would a hobo live there and wreck the Olympic Village. It is suppose to be a memory of the Olympics and the hobos aren't helping.

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