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Enbridge Hearings: Pipeline 'Whistle Blowers' Arrested

by murray bush - flux photo

Climate justice activists Peter Oxford and Fiona De Balaszi Brown cuffed.
Activist Brigette DePape cuffed by VPD.
Cordoned off "climate crime scene."
Inside the hearing room. Registered speakers seated on the right.
Panel members leave the hearing room.
Activist Kim Heartty in custody.
Going down -
Enbridge Hearings: Pipeline 'Whistle Blowers' Arrested
Kim Heartty
Perter Oxford and Brigette DePape into the wagon
Brigette DePape
Brigette DePape
Kim Heartty
Kim Heartty
Enbridge Hearings: Pipeline 'Whistle Blowers' Arrested

COAST SALISH TERRITORY - Five anti-pipelines activists were arrested this morning after shutting down the Northern Gateway Pipeline Review hearings in downtown Vancouver.

The five "eco-terrorists" crashed the tiny hearing room and blew whistles for about 10 minutes - interrupting  the proceedings and sending the panel members scurrying out of the room. A press release by the group targets the panel's refusal to hear testimony on climate change and the absence of the public at the public hearings. Only registered speakers, three at a time, are allowed into the locked hearing room.

All five were arrested on "assault by trespass"  charges when they refused to leave. They were taken away in a Vancouver police wagon.

The hearings at the Sheraton Wall Centre hotel kicked off last night with more than 1,000 noisy anti-pipelines protesters making their opinions heard outside.

UPDATE: All five arrestees have now been released (2pm Pacific Time) .

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lousy labels.

Thanks for covering this, but can we maybe not call them "eco-terrorists"? Even in quotation marks it's still pretty inappropriate, both considering the nature of the action itself and the origins of the term as propaganda used to villify radical environmentalists in the eyes of the public. Even if it's being used here to mock mainsream media framing of the action, it would piss me off if I did something similar and this was how a media coop writer described me. Eco-activists? Grassroots resisters? Environmentalists? Land protectors? Concerned community members? Committed youth? I'm sure there are more options one could roll with.


I just just talked to those arrested today and they totally get it, and they like it. If you get arrested I won't use it.

Oh Flux

so considerate ;) great stuff. xo

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