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Athletes' Village occupation

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A video round-up of the Olympic Athletes' Village occupation by members of Van-Act

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beautiful! can't wait for


can't wait for more, this city needs more of this for sure!


Obviousness of the lies

The City of Vancouver - good lil crapitalists they are, are seemingly uninterested in being accountable for this "fiasco" - Athletes (foot) Village (people).

I say "good on em" regarding the "egg on their faces" with this huge broken promise.

It is so obvious that they never truly wanted meaningful social housing.

They are so manipulated by ass**les like Bob Rennie, who are pulling their strings. The oppressive psychopaths they are.

We need to go down to City Hall and everywhere these crapitalist criminals are and weed them out!

So much work to do - in so little time. What say we?

What say!

Hells f@ck ya Tami!

Capitalist default rationales should be called out as the eco-suicide and oppressive fascism  that it is. Here's an important piece on how challenging the 'order' of market rationales might work en mass.

Who's Suites?

Our Suites!


Will get them back!


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