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Ghouls and Banshees occupy Athlete's Village

2010 Olympics

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Vancouver's Olympic Athlete Village feel less like an an over priced condo ghetto for the rich and more like a haunted ghost-town.

On this eerie Halloween night, ghosts and banshees owned the deserted streets of this housing disaster to bring attention to the plight of the city's many homeless residents, who could be inhabiting these cushy apartments.

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Interesting story, good to

Interesting story, good to see festivities and demos all in one! I can't hear what you say at the 1:45 mark. That band sounds great, what're they named? Too muffled...

If anyone has info on where to find the man who was assaulted, recommend a good pro-bono lawyer to him.

The band...

is Web Sheriff

what fun & educational too!

That was great fun, and educational too!

Fireworks were great. Haunting an already haunted space was inspiring!

Loved the sonic boom of the band and the one special firecracker!

YES! Vancouver is not dead.............yet........


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