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Occupy Vancouver Port Action


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On December 12 Occupy Vancouver joined in solidarity with Occupy movements up and down the west coast of North America to send a strong and clear message to the global 1%: this economy belongs to ALL of us—not just those who disproportionately profit from trade.

Hear the diverse voices of some of the 99% who attended this action from around Metro Vancouver, and why they feel it is time to stand together.

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I salute you guys for your bravery,

I salute you guys for your bravery, fighting for your rights takes a lot of courage and that's what you guys have. I'm pretty sure with your hardship and unity things will be well soon. Good luck on you guys and I wish you all the best. Anyway, aside from movements like this there are also people who's no longer satisfied with their banks. Last year, many people were angry at their banks and were not planning to take it anymore. There soon grew a call for people to dump their banks on a proposed “Bank Transfer Day.” Some people did, but the bulk of transfers happened on any day but Bank Transfer Day. Source for this article:  Bank Transfer Day accounted for few bank transfers last year.

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